With wind profits, ‘I will build a new house’ — Danish farmer

Source: By CBS News • Posted: Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Danish island of Samsø has reduced its greenhouse gas output to nearly nothing by using renewable energy.

“We like the turbines better now because we own them,” said Søren Hermansen, a leader in the city’s local-driven movement. “We don’t have the discussion about ‘they are ugly on the landscape,’ we don’t have noise problems, and the birds, for some reason, don’t die around these turbines.”

The 4,000-person town’s energy effort began nearly two decades ago.

“In Japan, they call it Viking leadership,” Hermansen joked.

So far, renewables have served locals like farmer Jørgen Tranberg well. He gets half his income from power produced by his wind turbine, and from the solar cells on his barns.

“The wind turbine there will pay back two, three times,” Tranberg said. “Therefore, I will build a new house” (CBS News, April 20).