Wind power group’s new ad campaign aims to win over Trump

Source: By Timothy Cama. The Hill • Posted: Friday, June 16, 2017

The wind power industry is launching a major new advertising campaign to convince the Trump administration and lawmakers of the industry’s benefits to the economy.

American Wind Action (AWA), launched last year to advocate for pro-wind policies, said it is spending millions of dollars on what it’s calling an education campaign.

The campaign is part of an effort by the wind industry to appeal to what it believes to be the values that President Trump and Republicans in Congress hold dear, like jobs and rural America, above more Democratic values like mitigating climate change.

The first two ads, which AWA calls “True American Power,” focus on employees in the wind industry, particularly in the Midwest.“It’s American made and very important for the people in this community and the people in this nation,” Luke Coady, an employee at a wind turbine blade manufacturing plant in Newton, Iowa, says in one of the ads.

“We are proud to tell our American-success story of providing reliable power for the country and helping rebuild our nation,” Sam Enfield and Jeff Clark, two of AWA’s board members, said in a statement.

“Polling show that Americans strongly support an increased use of wind power and understand its impact on local jobs and economic growth,” they said.

“Americans also agree that Washington needs to create a path to energy independence. AWA intends to spread this message more broadly among federal legislators and members of the new Administration,” the pair concluded.”

AWA also released a poll Wednesday that it commissioned, showing that 70 percent of voters believe that increasing the use of renewable energy would be good for the economy, and 55 percent think it would create jobs in their states.