Vestas passes GE to regain title as biggest wind turbine maker

Source: Special to E&E • Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014

Denmark’s Vestas Wind Systems A/S is once again the undisputed top turbine manufacturer in the world, according to a report by Make Consulting.The Danish company had 13.2 percent of the market share in 2013, down from 14.6 percent the year before, Make said. General Electric Co., which some studies had listed as having surpassed Vestas in 2012, fell to No. 6 with a market share of 4.9 percent from 13.7 percent a year earlier.

Chinese company Goldwind was second in 2013 with a 10.3 percent market share, followed by privately held German company Enercon with 10.1 percent. The German conglomerate Siemens AG, which has its wind operations based in Denmark, came in fourth with 8 percent. India’s Suzlon Energy Ltd. was fifth with 6.3 percent.

Vestas installed turbines in 31 countries last year. According to the company’s figures, its largest market for installations in 2013 was Germany, followed by China, Canada and Brazil. Vestas’ largest market for sales in 2013 was the United States, followed by Germany, Canada and Sweden. It installed 28 percent more megawatts last year than its closest competitor.

“Vestas has been through a tough two-year turnaround process to return to profitability,” said CEO Anders Runevad. “That we simultaneously achieved our financial goals in 2013 and solidified our market leadership is a testament to the strength of the company.

“Installing projects in 31 markets and signing firm orders in 37 underlines our status as a truly global turbine supplier, enabling Vestas to better balance the inevitable ups and downs in individual markets from year to year,” Runevad added.

Meanwhile, wind energy executives from 153 companies and organizations present at a conference in Barcelona, Spain, signed a declaration calling on the European Union to set an ambitious renewable energy target for 2030.

“An ambitious target, binding on member states, is the most cost-efficient way to realize our goal of 100 percent renewables in the long term, not to mention boosting a sector which provides 250,000 people with work in Europe,” said Hans-Dieter Kettwig, the conference chairman and managing director of Enercon.

“Given the long investment cycles in the energy sector and the fact that investment decisions in the E.U.’s liberalized energy markets strongly depend on reliability, certainty about the regulatory framework of the next 17 years is needed,” the statement said. It was signed by companies including Alstom, Ikea, Vestas, 3M and Acciona.