Unleashing renewables

Source: BY JOSH SIEGEL, Politico • Posted: Sunday, May 1, 2022

Members of the largest regional grid operator in the U.S. endorsed a new plan to eventually free the region’s clogged interconnection queue, the organization announced Thursday. The plan, brought forward by the PJM Interconnection, which stretches from Chicago to the Mid-Atlantic, would implement a two year “transition” to relieve the line of projects waiting to connect to the grid. These stalled projects total 225 gigawatts, more than 95% of which is capacity for renewable energy or energy storage resources.

The plan would prioritize the 1,200 projects submitted before 2021, and includes a “fast lane” to prioritize about 450 projects, according to PJM. It will also prioritize projects that are fully permitted and financed, and aims for “clustering” projects to better split the cost of upgrading the grid to accommodate new resources. Previously, costs would often get assigned to one project developer, despite upgrades benefiting multiple projects, which would only serve to lengthen interconnection times. PJM plans to file the proposal with FERC in May.