Trump tweeted about Scottish wind farm 60 times

Source: By Daniel Benjamin, Politico • Posted: Wednesday, November 23, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump’s unusual move of pressing his opposition to wind turbines during a meeting with politician Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom is far from the first time the New York businessman has complained about a project that would alter the landscape surrounding one of two Scottish golf courses he owns.

Starting in 2012, Trump began firing off tweets about the offshore turbines, which he said would spoil views of the coastal course, which is named Trump International Golf Links. All told, the incoming commander-in-chief has sent at least 60 tweets about the project over several years.

Trump purchased his resort near Aberdeen in 2006, but he soured on the country and its leaders after an 11-turbine windfarm was proposed near the course. Trump’s mother immigrated to the United States from Scotland before he was born.

Beginning with a simple message calling for English taxpayers to “stop subsidizing the destruction of Scotland by paying massive subsidies for ugly wind turbines,” Trump launched a full-on Twitter tirade against local politicians and the company that dare to finance the proposed off-shore wind farm — at one point, even then Prime Minister David Cameron became a target.

Offline, Trump took his opposition to the project all the way to the highest court in the U.K. But in a unanimous decision, the U.K. Supreme Court rejected his case in 2015.

The Swedish company Vattenfall announced in July that it was moving ahead with the project, formally known as the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre, but the Trump Organization said it would continue its efforts to stop it.

“There are 16 planning conditions which have not been purified, and we intend to lodge formal written objections with Marine Scotland, challenging each one of them,” the Trump Organization said. “The project can’t proceed until the conditions are satisfied and we will also pursue additional remedies before the European Courts as necessary.”

Trump last tweeted about the wind farms on May 1, 2015 — more than a month before he announced his presidential bid.

But according to Andy Wigmore, a Farage ally who was in the meeting with Trump, the president-elect remains passionate about the issue.

“[O]ne thing Mr Trump kept returning to was the issue of wind farms,” Wigmore told Britain’s Express newspaper this week. “He is a complete Anglophile and also absolutely adores Scotland, which he thinks is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. But he is dismayed that his beloved Scotland has become overrun with ugly wind farms which he believes are a blight on the stunning landscape.”