Trump heads to court in attempt to block Scottish wind farm

Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lawyers for billionaire Donald Trump are seeking to overturn the Scottish government’s approval of an offshore wind project.

The proposed 11-turbine wind farm would be located near Trump’s golf course and property development near Aberdeen. According to the U.S. developer, the turbines would ruin the view from his golf course and proposed hotel and housing.

The renewable energy project, estimated to cost about $367 million, would be “the destruction of Aberdeen and Scotland itself,” Trump said. He has vowed to spend as much as necessary to block the turbines and charged that Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond had an obsession with wind power.

It’s a reversal of roles for Trump, whose development of the Aberdeen golf course was originally blocked by local planners because it was to be built on coastal dunes. The Scottish government overturned that decision, allowing the development to move forward.

Many residents and businesses in the area are supportive of the Trump development. But some locals say his course has ruined views from homes, the very thing he also has a problem with.

“He is complaining about the effect on his view, yet he has blocked ours with trees,” resident David Milne said. “He thinks he can do what he likes, but that everybody else has to do what they are told” (Mure Dickie, Financial Times, Nov. 12)