Top and Bottom Wind Energy-Producing States in the US

Source: By Associated Press • Posted: Monday, July 13, 2015

The U.S. Department of Energy wants 20 percent of the nation’s energy to come from wind power in the next 15 years, up from the 5 percent wind generates now. A new Energy Department report finds that wind technology featuring taller towers and larger turbines may get the nation to that goal by opening up areas to wind farm development that were previously dead zones.

New data based on wind resources at higher elevations show that the Southeast, which currently has no commercial wind farms, could be a viable location.

Here’s a look at the top wind-producing states, as measured in megawatts, as well as the eleven states that currently have no commercial wind power:

Top 10 states in amount of max-capacity wind energy installed, in megawatts:

Texas, 14,098 MW

California, 5,917

Iowa, 5,688

Oklahoma, 3,782

Illinois, 3,568

Oregon, 3,153

Washington, 3,075

Minnesota, 3,035

Kansas, 2,967

Colorado, 2,593

States with zero wind energy installed:









North Carolina

South Carolina