The Falling Cost of Wind Power

Source: By MICHAEL GOGGIN, New York Times • Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2015

To the Editor: New York Times

Ryan Yonk’s Oct. 21 online letter does not mention his Utah State University institute’s funding from special interest groups, including the Koch brothers, and includes misleading information about the costs of wind power.

Mr. Yonk describes his report as peer-reviewed and relying on “academically accepted practices,” but the report has not been published in an academic journal. His “sound data” come from groups financed by the same special interests that fund him.

Mr. Yonk’s data also ignore that wind energy costs have fallen by 66 percent in the last six years. The performance-based renewable production tax credit has driven cost-saving industry investments in research and development, domestic manufacturing facilities and training for American workers.

All forms of energy in the United States benefit from federal incentives. Conventional fuels have been subsidized for up to 100 years.

By diversifying our electricity mix with more stably priced wind energy, we can protect American consumers. Congress must extend the production tax credit to keep this success story going and continue cutting costs.



The writer is senior director of research for the American Wind Energy Association, a trade association of the wind industry.