Texas gets an F in net metering — report

Source: By Jordan Blum, Fuel Fix • Posted: Friday, January 29, 2016

Texas gets an F for net-metering policies, according to a new Vote Solar and Interstate Renewable Energy Council report.

Released Tuesday, the report asks states about pro-solar policies including net metering, which compensates energy customers for energy they add to the grid through solar panels or other means. It gave 10 states including Texas that lowest score, noting that the state made connecting panels to the grid difficult and had no statewide net-metering law.

The report noted hurdles in the state like added insurance costs and additional fees but did credit some utilities and all of El Paso Electric Co.’s territory with allowing net metering. However, they said that’s not nearly enough.

“Our nation’s energy future is being charted today in the halls of state regulatory forums and legislatures,” said Vote Solar Executive Director Adam Browning. “We have consumers demanding more access to clean, affordable electricity than ever before, and [our report] ‘Freeing the Grid’ shows which forward-looking states are working to clear the way for consumer investment in solar power and its many benefits to our communities, our economy and our climate”