Tesla deploying Powerpacks at a South Dakota wind farm

Source: By Fred Lambert, Electrek • Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tesla’s energy division has been on a roll lately and it has now secured another Powerpack project – this time at a wind farm operated by BP’s wind energy division in South Dakota.

In a press release, BP Wind Energy confirmed that they have entered into a purchase agreement with Tesla to install a high-storage battery, Powerpacks, at its Titan 1 Wind Farm.

With a capacity of only 212 kW/ 840 kWh (~4 Powerpacks), it’s a small project for Tesla Energy, but it’s a first for BP and they are using it as a pilot project to learn more about the potential of the technology and it could lead to larger projects at the company’s renewable energy sites.

Laura Folse, chief executive of BP Wind Energy, commented on the new energy storage project:

“The battery pilot project at our Titan 1 Wind Farm will provide BP Wind Energy valuable insights as we seek opportunities to use energy storage more effectively across our diverse portfolio. It’s another way that we’re working to create a wind energy business that is sustainable for the long-term and supporting the broader transition to a low-carbon future.”

BP operates 12 more wind farms in the US with a total capacity over 2 GW.

The oil giant, like many other oil companies, has been investing increasingly in renewable energy and electric vehicles over the last few years. It invested £200 million in solar last year and it is reportedly in talks with automakers to deploy EV chargers at its gas stations.

Earlier this year, they invested in a mobile electric vehicle charging startup.

As for Tesla, it’s one of many energy storage projects that the company recently won.

We recently reported that Tesla’s Powerpack was chosen again to deploy another large energy storage project in Australia after securing $25 million in funding.

The company secured several major projects in Australia, but it has also been deploying smaller Powerpack systems, including the recent delivery of a Powerpack system to SpaceX’s new spaceport in Texas and a new Powerpack system that brought a business almost completely off-grid in France.