Spain’s Iberdrola looks at onshore expansion in Texas

Source: Rye Druzin, Houston Chronicle • Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Spanish utility Iberdrola is planning to pour $1 billion into new onshore wind farms in Texas.

The company’s plans would add some 700 megawatts to the 33,000-MW list of new wind projects under consideration in the state.

New petrochemical and liquefied natural gas projects near the Gulf Coast, among other factors, might pull some new wind development toward the coast, said Joshua Rhodes, a researcher at the University of Texas, Austin, Energy Institute.

But the majority of new projects slated for Texas are located in inland counties. And the high cost of offshore wind is likely to keep the industry’s sights aimed onshore.

Plenty of onshore areas are still open for development in Texas, according to Iberdrola CEO Ignacio Galán.

The company, which gets about 60 percent of its global power resources from renewables, already operates 725 MW worth of wind in the state.

“I think you are already doing things very well [in Texas],” Galán said during a visit to San Antonio this week. “You are using all of the natural resources. This state has oil, gas, wind and sun”