Some Republican politicians really do like clean energy.

Source: By The Grist • Posted: Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A week after the buzzed about conservative Carbon Tax, a bipartisan group of 20 governors sent letters to President Trump and fellow governors imploring them to consider the benefits of renewables.

The Governors’ Wind and Solar Energy Coalition asked the president to modernize the energy grid, support legislation to encourage offshore wind development, put funding towards renewables research, and streamline permitting.

In the letter, the group attempted to appeal to Trump’s vested interest in helping the rural communities he has promised to lift up. The Coalition cites $222 million paid to rural landowners a year by the U.S. wind industry, the $156 million paid to landowners in areas of below-average income, and that 70 percent of wind farms are located in low-income counties.

But based on Trump’s well-documented aversion to wind energy (never come between a real estate mogul and his golf course development), the coalition of governors may be able to gain more traction with their colleagues in state government. The letter sent to governors cited recent renewable wins in states such as Michigan, Ohio, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Colorado — states led by Republicans and Democrats.