Report Finds More than 4000 Iowa Employees Working in Energy Supply Chain

Source: By CHERIL LEE, KIOS, Omaha • Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015

More than 100 companies from across the state of Iowa are working in the wind and solar energy supply chain.

That’s according to a report recently released by the Environmental Law and Policy Center.

Howard Learner, Executive Director, says Iowa is helping to power the world through renewable energy businesses that build wind machines and solar panel equipment.

Learner says what’s interesting is the number of businesses across Iowa that are involved in making the equipment, designing and doing the engineering work for wind farms, handling the legal work and making component parts.

“So it’s good for manufacturing jobs as well as being good for construction jobs at the wind farms. It’s good for economic development in both in rural areas where the wind farms go up and in the manufacturing hubs like Cedar Rapids or Newton where the blades and other equipment is being made.  And it’s good for the environment by leading to cleaner air and cleaner water for everybody.”

Learner says Iowa has been a leader in wind power for a long time.  He says wind supplies 27% of the electricity generation in Iowa.