Regulators advance controversial net-metering changes

Source: By Sean Whaley, Las Vegas Review-Journal • Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Nevada regulators rejected a request to delay the implementation of new rooftop solar rates for net-metering customers.

At a public meeting yesterday that saw dozens of homeowners request the action, the state Public Utilities Commission voted unanimously to move forward with the new rates.

The changes mean residents who use rooftop solar systems will pay more in fixed monthly costs and receive less credit for the energy their systems generate and return to the power grid. Customers said the change is unfair because they invested in their solar systems using economic calculations based on the original rate system.

Utility NV Energy Inc. has called the changes necessary to ensure solar users do not receive unfair subsidies compared with other customers.

The new rules have already prompted solar companies to cut hundreds of jobs as they stop doing business in Nevada (Greenwire, Jan. 8).

“The actions you are taking today are taking from the mouths of the people and giving it to a single monopoly utility,” actor Mark Ruffalo said at the hearing. “You are taking from the people and giving to the rich. You are the anti-Robin Hood. People aren’t going to forget, you have a lot of really angry people out there because they see what’s happening”.