Regulation updates: EPA carbon rules given tentative August release date

Source: By DARIUS DIXON and ALEX GUILLÉN, Politico • Posted: Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Note to EPA World: Keep your August clear. That’s the date the administration has tentatively listed to finalize its major carbon rules for future and existing power plants in the spring Unified Agenda it released on Thursday. EPA for months has been saying “mid-summer” will be the release time for the package of rules, and the new agenda, which runs down when the administration thinks it will move the various regulations in the works, lists August as the projected finalization date. August is inarguably a tempting release time — the dog days of summer help sell the message to the public, while Congress’s month-long break makes for one of the best times to roll out the rule. Of course, that release date is tentative and could easily slip back, so stay on your toes.