Panel clears bills targeting EV credits, mineral imports

Source: By Hannah Northey, E&E News • Posted: Thursday, April 18, 2024

Democrats balked at limiting electric vehicle incentives, but many supported action against international child labor mining concerns.

Carol Miller.

The Ways and Means Committee approved legislation Wednesday from Rep. Carol Miller (R-W.Va.) on electric vehicle tax credits. Carolyn Kaster/AP

The House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday approved Republican legislation to block certain mineral imports and restrict electric vehicle tax credits.

The committee voted 22-18 for an amended version of West Virginia Republican Rep. Carol Miller’s H.R. 7980, the “End Chinese Dominance of Electric Vehicles in America Act of 2024.”

It would block from Inflation Reduction Act incentives any EV that contains materials — namely in its batteries — mined, processed, recycled, manufactured or assembled in a “prohibited foreign entity.”

Miller blasted the law and argued her bill would close loopholes by limiting which entities, individuals and companies qualify for incentives.