Orgeon governor wants clean energy economy

Source: By Andrew Selsky, Associated Press • Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Oregon needs to shore up its environmental policies, Gov. Kate Brown (D) said during her State of the State address yesterday.

She was re-elected in November after the most expensive gubernatorial race in Oregon history.

Noting that Oregon is experiencing drought and that last year was its warmest year since 1895, with wildfires increasing, Brown said the state must reduce harmful emissions that contribute to global warming while building a clean energy economy.

At one point, a couple of people opposed to a proposed deepwater marine terminal on the Oregon coast where ships could load liquefied natural gas from a planned pipeline interrupted Brown’s speech to shout a few words before departing.

At another point, Brown thanked state employees and volunteers, including “first gentleman” Dan Little, who are working to keep federal facilities accessible during the partial federal government shutdown. Brown tweeted photos on Saturday of her husband, Little, after he cleaned toilets at Mount Hood National Forest. Little sent the $28 bill for disposing of the trash to President Trump (Greenwire, Jan. 14).

House Republicans said Brown’s inaugural address offered recycled ideas.

“Rather than inspiring us with some innovative options, we were watching a rerun of past performances,” said state House Republican Leader Carl Wilson. “Oregonians need to know their governor is willing to make hard spending choices — not just continuing to ask for millions from Oregon taxpayers.”