Oklahoma Wind Tax Bill Fails In State Senate

Source: BY AARON BRILBECK, NEWS 9 • Posted: Wednesday, May 2, 2018

OKLAHOMA CITY – A bill that would have ended the tax rebate on wind energy saving the state $70 million every year failed in the state Senate.

Backers of the bill said the state can’t continue writing $70 million checks to an industry that is established in the state. Opponents said that’s the deal the state made; it should stick to it.

“At the end of the day to go back on our word is not in Oklahoma’s best interest and so I think the body got it right today and hopefully moving forward this is a topic that goes away,” said Mark Yates Oklahoma Wind Coalition

The bill passed in the House of Representatives, but because it failed in the Senate, it goes to a conference committee for more negotiating. But with the legislature planning to gavel out this week, there may not be time to reach a deal.