NextEra Energy unveils new wind energy farm in Nebraska

Source: By Cynthia Monroy, Siouxland News • Posted: Monday, August 19, 2019

It’s a growing industry throughout the country and especially here in the Midwest and now a new wind energy farm is opening in Siouxland.

The billion-dollar energy company, NextEra Energy unveiled its newest wind farm in northeast Nebraska.

“For a lot of rural counties this is the biggest door knocking opportunity they’ve had in a very long time,” said National Farmers Union President, John Hansen.

NextEra Energy is one of the world’s largest producers of wind and solar energy.

Now it’s adding one more wind farm to the map.

“Here is a new and good way to harness the natural resources that we already have and put them to work helping produce energy that is cost effective that’s does not use water and does not emit carbon,” said Hansen.

The Sholes Wind project is a new wind farm that has 71 wind turbines for renewable energy in Wayne County.

“Turbines and wind development in the state is the biggest single source of new capital investment in rural Nebraska,” said Hansen.

New Power Nebraska and NextEra Energy Resources welcomed special guests, Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley and local city officials to tour the facility.

“We do know that Nebraska does a very strong wind resource and we take advantage of all of our resources whether is solar, wind, nuclear what we got we got to take advantage of every technology,” said Lt. Gov. Mike Foley.

President of National Farmers Union, John Hansen says this project highlights wind energy’s growth in the state of Nebraska and it’s impacts it has on the region’s economy.

“This is a million dollars’ worth of new annual tax income to the county and a million dollars’ worth of new revenue to the farmers,” said Hansen.

Hansen addressing any concerns that rural residents may have on bringing wind energy to Wayne County.

“We have also supported programs and policies and educational efforts to make sure we are being good neighbors and that we are being sensitive to the needs of landowners,” said Hansen.

A growing industry that is transforming rural communities by harnessing the power of the wind.

“We want to create as many new viable economic opportunities for rural Nebraska,” said Hansen.

This week just happens to be American Wind Week as well.

Officials say they expect the wind farm to be fully operational come November.

They already have three students with Northeast Community College on-site training at the facility.