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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

November 8, 2017

House Ways and Means Committee

The coalition sent a letter to the chairman and ranking member of the House Ways and Means Committee yesterday.  We thought it important that the members of the committee hear directly from the coalition about the impact the proposed tax cut would have on the states’ wind industry.  The committee’s bill would cut the wind industry’s 2.4-cent-per-kilowatt hour tax credit to 1.5 cents and also hardens a deadline for its phaseout.

Sorry that we didn’t share the letter with your before its release, but we had very little time to draft the letter over the weekend and send it to the committee before its markup ends today.  It’s doubtful that the renewable energy tax cuts will be restored in the final House bill.

Senate Finance Committee

Senators drafting the senate version said  this morning that they do not support the House renewable energy tax cuts and do not plan to scale back the wind production tax credit.  The senate version of the bill could be released as soon as tomorrow.  Many of the senators working on the bill are from wind rich states in the midwest.  (Linked below is story from Bloomberg news that was released after our clips went out this morning.)

Next Steps

As of this morning, it appears that the PTC tax cuts will remain in the House bill, but will be missing from the Senate bill.  The PTC tax cuts could then be a negotiation point for the House-Senate reconciliation since the bills will be very different.  If that’s the case, the PTC tax cuts will be at risk until the compromise bill is completed.

It seems that the next forum for the governors’ message will likely be House-Senate conference committee, but we won’t know for sure until Chairman Hatch releases the senate finance committee markup tomorrow.  We’ll keep you posted.


GOP Senators May Blow Away Changes to Wind Credit: BGOV Energy

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