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September 14, 2015

California Legislature Passes Bill Setting Target of 50 Percent Renewables by 2030

By Pete Miller, NRDC  •    •  Posted 2015-09-14 06:35:19

On Friday, the California Legislature passed SB 350 requiring utilities to procure at least 50 percent of their electricity from eligible renewable energy sources such as wind and solar by 2030. This legislation, which is expected to be signed into law later this month by Governor Jerry Brown, is a historic step in the state’s groundbreaking plan to cut climate-warming pollution, and ranks among the most significant environmental bills in California history. [ read more … ]

Wind industry pushes back against PTC opposition

Daniel Cusick, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted 2015-09-14 06:35:52

Hoping to woo a rested and reconvened Congress, the wind power industry yesterday opened a new front in its effort to extend the federal production tax credit (PTC) for wind generation, crediting the subsidy for driving down the costs of clean energy while aiding in the U.S. economic recovery since 2010. “The PTC has been an effective, market-based policy that has enabled renewable energy development to meet the demands of American consumers,” the American Wind Energy Association said in a nine-page white paper. “While successful, however, the policy is still needed to encourage private sector investment in an industry that is still a relative newcomer when compared to traditional sources of energy.” [ read more … ]

Comment: An opportunity for Montana to shape our energy future

By Jeff Fox, Great Falls Tribune  •    •  Posted 2015-09-14 06:36:21

Montana’s clean energy developers will also benefit from the certainty of a state-developed compliance plan. Montana has one of the best wind energy resources in the nation. We have already developed about 670 megawatts of wind energy in the state, creating hundreds of jobs, and millions of dollars in rural county tax revenues and landowner payments. But that development is a mere fraction of the wind energy potential that is economically viable in Montana. Unfortunately, our wind energy resource has been held back from greater development by an inability to precisely match energy demand with new energy transmission, a particularly tricky problem for expensive and time consuming transmission projects. In order to successfully develop our wind energy resource we will need greater cooperation, creativity and openness to Montana wind from the region’s largest transmission provider, the Bonneville Power Administration. [ read more … ]

Big Colorado energy players to build project in North Dakota

By Cathy Proctor, Denver Business Journal  •    •  Posted 2015-09-14 06:37:16

Two of Colorado’s biggest players in the energy sector are teaming up to build a wind farm — in North Dakota. Vestas Wind Systems, the Danish wind turbine manufacturer with four factories in Colorado, on Friday said it had landed a “firm and unconditional order” for 100 of the company’s V100-2.0 megawatt turbines. Collectively, the turbines are capable of generating up to 200 megawatts of power. [ read more … ]

Vestas gets 200 MW order in the USA

By Reuters  •    •  Posted 2015-09-14 06:36:47

Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems said late on Friday it had received a 200 megawatt turbine order from Xcel Energy Inc. for a wind project in the United States.
The order was for 100 units of the V100-2.0 MW turbine for the Courtenay Wind Farm project in North Dakota, Vestas said in a stock exchange announcement. The contract includes delivery, installation and commissioning of the wind turbines, as well as a three year service agreement. [ read more … ]

Leading battery maker cuts staff, delays shipments

Katherine Ling, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted 2015-09-14 06:37:38

leading manufacturer of advanced grid-scale energy storage batteries has encountered a technical glitch, causing a delay in shipments and staff cuts in a further setback for the industry, which has seen many startups fail. Ambri Inc. is one of the leaders in the race to make affordable energy storage for the grid to shore up intermittent renewables and help smooth out load. The company’s technology is a “liquid” metal battery that relies on a molten salt electrolyte — and costs about one-third of the current cost of lithium-ion batteries.
[ read more … ]

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