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June 12, 2015

Massive wind project aims to save the sage grouse 

Scott Streater, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted 2015-06-12 06:46:45

The project will be capable of producing 3,000 megawatts of electricity — enough to power more than 1 million homes and businesses. “This is a legacy project,” Miller said. “We’re pushing the boundaries of renewable energy.” But there’s a catch: The proposed project must share the landscape with the imperiled greater sage grouse. Scientists say Western sage grouse populations have plummeted from as many as 16 million birds in the early 19th century as few as 200,000 today. The bird’s leading threats are habitat destruction and fragmentation from residential growth, energy development, wildfires, invasive species and poorly managed livestock grazing. [ read more … ]

Comment: Setting the record straight on the wind energy tax credit

By Mike Garland and Susan Reilly, The Hill  •    •  Posted 2015-06-12 06:47:09

Don Nickles recently misrepresented the position of the American Wind Energy Association on the Production Tax Credit (PTC). Let us be clear: As AWEA has consistently stated, and as the Government Accountability Office recently confirmed, without a long-term PTC extension U.S. wind power installations will drop, many communities will miss out on the economic opportunities that come with new wind farms, and American consumers will lose out. [ read more … ]

Whirlpool Windmill Produces Power Without Blades

By Reuters  •    •  Posted 2015-06-12 06:47:39

A 1940 clip of the Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge in the United States stretching like chewing gum in a gale captured the imagination of a Spanish engineering student who became obsessed with how he could turn that chaos into power. Twelve years later, David Yanez is part of a team inspired by the motion that collapsed the bridge to create a bladeless wind turbine – an inverted-cone-shaped structure half the cost of a conventional machine. “You could see a structure with no gears or bearings capable of absorbing large quantities of wind energy,” David Yanez recalls of the footage of the bridge. He was standing on a hill in central Spain in front of a slim, gently oscillating prototype, the size of a small tree.
[ read more … ]

World needs to ramp up battery use, energy storage to meet climate targets — report 

Daniel Cusick, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted 2015-06-12 06:48:00

Meeting global demand for vast amounts of carbon-free energy under an international climate accord will require deep investments in energy storage technologies, according to new findings from the International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA). Those findings, published yesterday as part of IRENA’s ongoing “REmap 2030” series, said that to avoid the worse effects of climate change while meeting sustainable development goals, the world must double the amount of clean energy produced today, and by 2030 meet 45 percent of all electricity demand using renewable energy resources. [ read more … ]

Tesla says it will double capacity of home battery 

Anne C. Mulkern, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted 2015-06-12 06:48:20

The home energy storage product that Tesla Motors Inc. unveiled one month ago is getting an upgrade and now will have twice its original capacity, company CEO and co-founder Elon Musk said yesterday. The electric carmaker heard some criticisms about its Powerwall energy storage offering after its May 1 unveiling, “took some of that negative feedback to heart” and made improvements, Musk said. [ read more … ]

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