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September 3, 2014

NYC, D.C., states join fight against lawsuit to block EPA power plant rule

Katherine Ling, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted 2014-09-03 04:57:22

A coalition of states and cities today announced plans to fight a lawsuit aimed at killing U.S. EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas rule for existing power plants. The city of New York, the District of Columbia and 11 states filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit filed last month by “coal producing regions” that seek to invalidate a 2010 settlement agreement between EPA and state and environmental plaintiffs that set a path for the agency to propose emissions rules for new and existing power plants, according to the New York state attorney general’s office. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed the motion to intervene today in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on behalf of California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, the District of Columbia and New York City. [ read more … ]

Commission Chair LaFleur talks carbon rule challenges, reliability, Order 1000, Senate politics

Monica Trauzzi, E&E  •    •  Posted 2014-09-03 04:57:46

“Order 1000 is really probably the largest policy action that the commission’s taken in the four years since I’ve been on it, and it really contemplated that the nation’s going to need a lot of new transmission investment and set up a structure that required that that transmission be planned and cost-allocated on a regional basis. We’ve been operating as if Order 1000 was going to be approved, so we’ve been continuing to take up compliance filings of the different regions, but now that we have the clarity of the court order, I think that will help the implementation step.” [ read more … ]

Investment in power infrastructure soared from 1997 to 2012 — EIA

Colin Sullivan, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted 2014-09-03 04:58:04

The last 15 years have seen U.S. power transmission investment jump from $2.7 billion in 1997 to $14.1 billion in 2012, reversing a three-decade-long decline. Major investors and privately held companies have thrown cash into power infrastructure largely to improve reliability, improve connectivity to renewable sources and adjust to population shifts, according to a snapshotof the sector by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. [ read more … ]

Republicans launch probe of EPA’s relationship with NRDC

Elana Schor, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted 2014-09-03 04:58:20

Republicans in the House and Senate today began a formal probe of U.S. EPA’s communications with the Natural Resources Defense Council on the Obama administration’s proposed emissions regulations for power plants as well as restrictions on a prospective copper and gold mine in southwestern Alaska. [ read more … ]

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