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February 14, 2012

Texas wind plans stop blowing amid tax credit uncertainty

Nathanial Gronewold  •  E&E  •  Posted 2012-02-14 13:00:30

The great Texas wind energy machine is grinding to a halt as project developers await word on federal tax credit extensions. Waning state government support and ultra-low natural gas prices caused a sharp slowdown in activity last year. The industry is struggling to bounce back to pre-2011 annual growth levels, but experts say that although projects are still getting built, companies are putting most plans on hold as Congress debates whether to extend the production tax credits that have fueled the wind industry.
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Despite today’s visit with Chinese official, Obama pushes for agency that could advance trade war

John McArdle  •  E&E  •  Posted 2012-02-14 13:00:56

The new budget line for ITEC comes three days after the U.S. International Trade Commission made a preliminary ruling that illegally subsidized Chinese and Vietnamese wind tower exports and illegal Chinese dumping practices have harmed the United States’ domestic wind tower industry. The unanimous ruling opens the door for the Department of Commerce to move forward with a case that could eventually impose tariffs on Chinese and Vietnamese wind towers. [ read more … ]

Flat DOE budget proposal has extra spending for renewables, research, efficiency programs

Katie Howell and Hannah Northey  •  E&E  •  Posted 2012-02-14 13:01:11

The request maintains Obama’s previous priorities of investing heavily in clean and renewable energy research and development while slimming down budgets for traditional energy research programs. [ read more … ]

Will Hurricanes Topple U.S. Wind Turbines?

DIANE CARDWELL  •  New York Times  •  Posted 2012-02-14 13:01:27

As plans for wind farms rising out of the ocean along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts inch closer to fruition, a new study from Carnegie Mellon University suggests that hurricanes could destroy a significant number of turbines in some of these areas, even coming close to wiping them out.

Although turbines are designed to both harness and withstand the forces of wind, they can be severely damaged by too much of it. In the United States, Europe and Asia, turbines have caught fire, blades have shredded and towers have crumpled when hit by stormy gales. [ read more … ]

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