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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

October 13, 2013

Shutdown throws another speed bump in emerging industry’s path

Nick Juliano, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted 2013-10-13 04:50:32

The nascent offshore wind industry in the United States has faced its share of hiccups and stumbles over the last decade but lately has shown signs of progress. Now industry officials say the ongoing government shutdown could deliver another blow to its development. The industry relies on the federal government in several respects. Most utility-scale installations are planned for federal waters, where the Interior Department oversees lease sales and permitting. The Department of Energy has offered millions of dollars’ worth of grants to companies that are contingent on congressional appropriations over the next several years. And developers are hoping to qualify for lucrative tax credits set to expire Dec. 31 — without which facilities risk being unprofitable. [ read more … ]

Gulf Coast Beckons Wind Farms When West Texas Gusts Fade

By Mark Chediak – Oct 11, 2013 3:03 PM CT, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2013-10-13 04:50:50

Fickle West Texas breezes are pushing wind power generators to the state’s 367-mile coast. Texas pulled ahead last decade in the U.S. race to develop wind power thanks to the hardy gusts sweeping across its vast prairies and energy-friendly landowners. Now it’s seizing the lead in building turbines along its shoreline as developers find the slower but steadier air currents there translate to bigger profits. [ read more … ]

Nebraska Public Power votes against additional wind energy purchase

By Paul Hammel / World-Herald Bureau  •    •  Posted 2013-10-13 04:51:06

The state’s largest public power district on Friday rejected a resolution to more heavily invest in wind energy. Pro-wind forces say that the Nebraska Public Power District Board blew it, not only because wind energy is cheaper now, but also because it would increase economic development in shrinking rural areas. “Instead of being there for its customer-owners, NPPD decided to continue to send millions of Nebraskans’ energy dollars to Wyoming to fuel its big coal plants rather than investing in local, clean, affordable wind energy,” said Ken Winston of the Sierra Club of Nebraska. But the head of NPPD said that the utility has an excess of electric-generating capacity, and it didn’t make sense to add to that. [ read more … ]

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