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October 10, 2013

More than 400 Dems press White House against greenhouse gas rules

Manuel QuiƱones, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted 2013-10-10 06:57:36

More than 400 Democrats from around the country are urging the White House to reconsider U.S. EPA’s proposal for regulating greenhouse gas emissions from new power plants. The current and former politicians wrote President Obama a letter today as part of the CoalBlue Project, a group meant to boost and highlight Democratic support for the coal industry. [ read more … ]

Will Ore. test project bring offshore wind to the West Coast?

Elizabeth Harball, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted 2013-10-10 06:58:00

The offshore wind industry is finally showing signs of progress in the United States. The Department of the Interior completed its second offshore wind lease auction for acreage off the coast of Virginia in early September, and the nation’s first grid-connected offshore wind turbine, a small prototype created by the University of Maine, started spinning off the Northeast coast this spring. [ read more … ]

Opinion: Wind energy can transform Nebraska

BY MIKE ZAKRZEWSKI, Lincoln Journal Star  •    •  Posted 2013-10-10 06:58:20

If you live in Nebraska, chances are you have cursed the wind at some point in your life. Whether it has ruined a good day of fishing, blown your neighbor’s leaves onto your front lawn or just messed up your hair on your way to work or church — we’ve all done it. And if you’re a farmer or rancher like me, it’s a safe bet you cuss the wind on a regular basis when you try to put up hay or irrigate your crops. The bad news is the wind isn’t going away anytime soon. The good news is it’s about to transform our great state. [ read more … ]

Study Finds Setbacks in Carbon Capture Projects

By MATTHEW L. WALD, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2013-10-10 06:58:39

The number of large-scale projects to capture and bury carbon dioxide has fallen to 65 from 75 over the past year, a worldwide survey has found, despite a consensus among scientists and engineers that the so-called carbon capture and sequestration, known as C.C.S., will be essential to meet international goals for slowing the buildup of climate-changing gases. The survey was released Thursday in Seoul, South Korea, by the Global CCS Institute, which is based in Canberra, Australia. Since the previous survey a year ago, five projects have been canceled, one reduced in size and seven postponed, while three have been added, the report said. [ read more … ]

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