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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

July 26, 2013

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Echoes of Solyndra in Oregon wind farm probe

By: Darius Dixon, Politico  •    •  Posted 2013-07-26 11:42:22

An Oregon newspaper’s investigation into the state’s support for a massive wind project is scratching at old wounds about the federal Energy Department’s loan-guarantee program. A series of stories by Oregonian reporter Ted Sickinger has raised questions about the state energy department’s decision to offer tax credits to Caithness Corp.’s Shepherds Flat wind project. But his latest article also cites past divisions within the White House about federal support for the project, which the U.S. Energy Department awarded a partial loan guarantee of $1.3 billion in 2010. [ read more … ]

Environmental policy attorney Learner discusses shifts in Midwest power market

Monica Trauzzi, E&E  •    •  Posted 2013-07-26 11:42:38

How will the Midwest respond to power plant emissions proposals coming out of U.S. EPA? During today’s OnPoint, Howard Learner, president and executive director of the Environmental Law and Policy Center, explains how Midwestern states may handle emissions standards differently than other regions. He also talks about changes in power market investments in the region. [ read more … ]

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