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September 6, 2022

Top Story

Accelerating renewable energy buildout faces big hurdles, even with Inflation Reduction Act: developers

By Ethan Howland, Utility Dive  •    •  Posted 2022-09-06 16:31:14

National models indicate the Inflation Reduction Act may help the United States cut its greenhouse gas emissions by about 40% by 2030, but renewable energy developers are warning there are a range of challenges that could keep those estimates out of reach. The hurdles include the “three-headed monster” of clogged interconnection queues, permitting delays and a congested transmission system. Organizations estimating the effects of the IRA on carbon emissions acknowledge those real-world issues. [ read more … ]


Embattled Maine power line foreshadows U.S. climate obstacles

By Benjamin Storrow, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-09-06 16:33:28

The legal drama in Maine comes as the national spotlight is focused on the challenges of completing large-scale infrastructure projects. Congress is preparing to debate permitting reform this fall, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is contemplating an overhaul of its rules governing transmission planning. Experts say new transmission is needed not only to connect clean energy projects to the grid, but to ship electricity back and forth across regions to accommodate fluctuations in renewable output. It is estimated the U.S. needs a 60 percent increase in transmission capacity by 2030 to connect and distribute future clean energy resources like wind and solar. [ read more … ]

Midwest grid operator feels heat as it signals need for gas

By Jeffrey Tomich, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-09-06 16:32:44

Grid operators like to be known as the Switzerland of energy: agnostic to the policies and fuels that keep the lights on and air conditioners humming. But recent actions by the Midcontinent Independent System Operator have some critics questioning MISO’s neutrality on an increasingly divisive issue: the role of natural gas in a cleaner grid. [ read more … ]

5 New England states propose ‘modular’ transmission plan to incorporate 8.4 GW of offshore wind

By Robert Walton, Utility Dive  •    •  Posted 2022-09-06 16:31:34

Five New England states on Thursday issued a request for information to help inform the development of thousands of megawatts of new transmission they say will be necessary to interconnect offshore wind and other clean energy resources over the next two decades. The RFI sketches out a “modular” framework and specifies that eligible solutions should be “scalable, cost-effective, and sufficiently flexible to accommodate up to 8.4 GW from current and future New England leaseholds.” Solutions would come online in 1.2 GW increments through 2040. [ read more … ]

Biden Administration

What to expect on permitting reform as Congress returns

By Jeremy Dillon, Nick Sobczyk, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-09-06 16:33:10

Democrats had said they would not rule the permitting idea out, noting a reform package could also help advance clean energy technologies and transmission deployment. Manchin has insisted that the provision pass or else Democrats may suffer his wrath in a 50-50 Senate that requires unanimous Democratic support to advance contentious nominations and judicial picks. [ read more … ]

Lawmakers race to pass spending bill, Biden energy request

By George Cahlink, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-09-06 16:33:54

Democrats and Republicans have to decide how long the CR will run and what emergency spending and other policy provisions may be attached to what is expected to be the last major bill to move ahead of the Nov. 8 midterm elections. A major item on the agenda is permitting legislation Democratic leaders promised Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chair Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) in exchange for supporting the Inflation Reduction Act. Any deal on a stopgap spending bill will need to be bipartisan, with 60 votes required to move it in the Senate. Democrats currently only control 50 seats in that chamber. [ read more … ]

Biden, Remaking Climate Team, Picks John Podesta to Guide Spending

By Lisa Friedman, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2022-09-06 16:30:52

President Biden on Friday appointed John Podesta, a veteran Washington insider who spearheaded the Obama administration’s climate strategy, to oversee the federal investment of $370 billion in clean energy under a landmark new climate law. As a senior adviser to Mr. Biden on clean energy innovation, Mr. Podesta will shape how the government disburses billions of dollars in tax credits and incentives to industries that are developing wind and solar energy, as well as to consumers who want to install solar panels, heat and cool their homes with electric heat pumps or buy electric vehicles. [ read more … ]


OPEC Plus Agrees to Cut Production by 100,000 Barrels a Day

By Stanley Reed, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2022-09-06 16:31:52

Officials of OPEC and its major allies agreed on Monday to modestly cut oil production by 100,000 barrels a day, rolling back the increase they approved a month ago. The trim is so small — about a tenth of a percent of world output — that it will have little practical impact on supplies. But it appears intended to show that OPEC Plus is determined to defend a price level of around $100 a barrel.
Futures for Brent crude, the international benchmark, were up by 3.5 percent on Monday to about $96.50 a barrel. [ read more … ]


California swelters through a Labor Day heat wave, stretching its electricity resources.

By Michael Powell and Shawn Hubler, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2022-09-06 16:32:20

A vast dome of high pressure has edged westward and settled over California, inflicting sweltering and record-setting temperatures across much of the state and threatening to strain the state’s power grid. Record high daily temperatures scorched several cities across the Bay Area on Monday, with oppressive heat forecast to continue for days, according to the National Weather Service. Gilroy hit 112 degrees, breaking a daily record of 106 that was set just two years ago. Temperatures in Livermore hit 116, topping a daily record of 108 degrees from 1950. [ read more … ]


Climate Change Is Ravaging the Colorado River. There’s a Model to Avert the Worst.

By Henry Fountain, Photographs by Ruth Fremson, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2022-09-06 16:34:28

The water managers of the Yakima River basin in arid Central Washington know what it’s like to fight over water, just like their counterparts along the Colorado River are fighting now. They know what it’s like to be desperate, while drought, climate change, population growth and agriculture shrink water supplies to crisis levels. They understand the acrimony among the seven Colorado Basin states, unable to agree on a plan for deep cuts in water use that the federal government has demanded to stave off disaster. [ read more … ]

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