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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

April 14, 2022

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Maine set ambitious goals for wind power 15 years ago. Why has it come up short?

By Robbie Feinberg, Maine Public Radio  •    •  Posted 2022-04-14 15:24:38

Stacey Fitts navigates his old truck up a winding path of gravel and ice until he reaches an exposed ridge. He parks near a giant white wind turbine, whirring in the breeze. “And it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger the closer you get,” Fitts says as he gazes at the turbine from his driver’s seat. “I just think they’re pretty. To me, it’s kind of like a dance. You know, this is a ballet up here on the hill. And I don’t see it as an eyesore.” [ read more … ]

Wind Energy

Lawsuit could redefine Iowa utilities board’s role in wind energy expansion

By CLARK KAUFFMAN, Iowa Capital Dispatch  •    •  Posted 2022-04-14 15:24:03

In a case that could redefine the powers of the Iowa Utilities Board and shape the expansion of wind energy in Iowa, MidAmerican Energy is asking a judge to review the regulator’s authority to oversee the general business practices of utility companies. At issue is the conflict that occurs when wind turbines are installed on farmland with the permission of the property owner but against the wishes of the tenant farmer. If the board prevails in the case, it could assume broader authority to intervene in utilities’ business practices and regulate such disputes. [ read more … ]


California Reveals Its Plan to Phase Out New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

By Lisa Friedman, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2022-04-14 15:24:22

California on Wednesday made public an aggressive plan to mandate a steady increase in the sale of electric and zero-emissions vehicles, the first step in enacting a first-in-the-nation goal of banning new gasoline-powered cars by 2035. Under the proposed rule, issued by the California Air Resources Board, the state will require 35 percent of new passenger vehicles sold in the state by 2026 to be powered by batteries or hydrogen. Less than a decade later, the state expects 100 percent of all new car sales to be free of the fossil fuel emissions chiefly responsible for warming the planet. [ read more … ]

California plan aims to triple sale of electric cars by 2026

By KATHLEEN RONAYNE, Associated Press  •    •  Posted 2022-04-14 15:23:43

The California Air Resources Board’s proposal would slowly raise the sale of new cars that are electric, hydrogen-powered or plug-in hybrids to 100% by 2035. About 11% of all new passenger car sales nationally happen in California, giving the state significant influence over the auto market. Californians would still be allowed to drive gas-powered cars and sell used ones, meaning planet-warming emissions will still spew from the state’s roadways. [ read more … ]

How electric buses reduce toxic exposure for kids

By Arianna Skibell, Ariel Wittenberg, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-04-14 15:25:01

“It was a great ride,” Gupta said. Better than the diesel-powered vehicles she’s used to, where “the bus smell is very strong, especially after school when all the buses are parked in front of the school and everyone goes and finds their bus and it just smells like gas.” That odor could be harming Gupta and her fellow students. Diesel exhaust has been classified as a human carcinogen, and it can lead to and exacerbate respiratory conditions. Those health conditions are exactly what EPA’s new Clean School Bus program aims to address. [ read more … ]

America’s Favorite Truck Is About to Test Tesla’s Dominance

By Keith Naughton, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2022-04-14 08:22:57

When Ford began developing an electric version of its wildly popular F-150 pickup four years ago, many people doubted it could be as robust as the gas-powered brute. Some of them were inside the house. “We were dealing with a ton of skepticism internally,” says Linda Zhang, chief engineer on the project. “It couldn’t just be a battery on wheels. We wanted it to be a real American truck that does work.” [ read more … ]

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