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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

March 29, 2022

Top Story

Misinformation is derailing renewable energy projects across the United States

By Julia Simon, National Public Radio  •    •  Posted 2022-03-29 14:33:23

In recent years, some of the misinformation about renewable energy has come from former President Donald Trump, who frequently makes misleading and false anti-wind claims at his rallies and media appearances, including the untrue idea that wind turbine noise causes cancer. Earlier this month, when asked about the unfolding Ukraine crisis on a podcast, Trump immediately responded by listing untrue ideas about wind energy. Other misleading ideas about renewable energy come from groups with ties to the fossil fuel industry, like the Texas Public Policy Foundation. [ read more … ]

Solar Energy

Industry calls Biden tariff probe a ‘disaster’ for solar

By David Iaconangelo, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-03-29 14:32:47

The Biden administration announced an investigation yesterday on whether to slap import taxes on solar panels and key equipment, angering advocates who said it could stall the industry’s growth enough to thwart climate goals. The investigation, which could take a year to fully play out, was prompted by a February petition from U.S. solar manufacturer Auxin Solar Inc., which asked the Commerce Department to study whether Chinese companies were skirting existing tariffs by setting up factories in Southeast Asia. Approximately 80 percent of the solar panels installed in the U.S. last year came from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, according to industry trade groups. [ read more … ]

Biden Budget

How Biden’s budget would change the energy sector

By Heather Richards, Miranda Willson, Carlos Anchondo, Christian Vasquez, Kristi E. Swartz, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-03-29 14:35:39

The White House released a budget proposal yesterday for fiscal 2023 that would deploy billions of dollars toward carrying out President Biden’s climate and clean energy priorities at the Department of Energy and related agencies. While a final budget will be refashioned and bartered by lawmakers on Capitol Hill, the blueprint underscores how Biden officials like Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm are trying to shift agency muscle toward administration priorities like grid modernization, renewables, energy security, research into new technologies, cleanup programs and growing the capacity for clean energy on public lands. [ read more … ]

7 numbers to know in Biden’s budget plan

By George Cahlink, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-03-29 14:36:02

At more than 1,400 pages and filled with thousands of items spelling out how the Biden administration would spend $5.8 trillion in fiscal 2023, understanding what’s in the annual federal budget plan can seem daunting. But as President Biden rolled out his latest spending proposal yesterday, he cautioned against becoming too focused on the endless string of numbers and said to consider the policies and ideas behind them. [ read more … ]

CAFE Penalty

Fuel economy penalties soar under new rule

By Arianna Skibell, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-03-29 14:33:40

President Biden is cracking down on automakers who fail to meet fuel economy standards by charging them more for violations. In a final rule released late last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration bumped its corporate average fuel economy, or CAFE, penalty from $5.50 per tenth of a mile per gallon to $14 — a significant increase. [ read more … ]


US seeks new lithium sources as demand for batteries grows

By PATRICK WHITTLE, Associated Press  •    •  Posted 2022-03-29 14:33:06

The race is on to produce more lithium in the United States. The U.S. will need far more lithium to achieve its clean energy goals — and the industry that mines, extracts and processes the chemical element is poised to grow. But it also faces a host of challenges from environmentalists, Indigenous groups and government regulators. Although lithium reserves are distributed widely across the globe, the U.S. is home to just one active lithium mine, in Nevada. The element is critical to development of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are seen as key to reducing climate-changing carbon emissions created by cars and other forms of transportation.
[ read more … ]

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