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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

March 21, 2022

Top Story

Biden Supreme Court nominee faces big climate questions

By Lesley Clark, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-03-21 14:51:44

The Senate began confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson yesterday, just weeks after the Supreme Court took up the biggest climate change case in a decade. Jackson won’t have a say in that case, and it’s unclear whether she’ll face any questions on climate or the environment from the Senate Judiciary Committee next week. Yet at 51, Jackson is poised to serve for decades on a court that will almost certainly play a central role in legal battles over the ravages of climate change. [ read more … ]

Wind Energy

The 203 ft wind turbine blade GE built is the world’s largest

By Ameya Paleja, Interesting Engineering  •    •  Posted 2022-03-21 14:33:39

After more than a year of material development and testing and sub-component level trials, the consortium has designed and built the world’s largest thermoplastic blade at LM Wind Power’s manufacturing facility in Spain.  The 203 foot (62 m) blade uses thermoplastic resin from Arkema and glass fabrics, from Owens Corning, partner companies in the ZEBRA project. By combining the two, the project claims to achieve the performance levels of a regular wind turbine with the added benefit of being recycled at the end of its lifetime.  [ read more … ]

A Chumash tribe and conservationists fight offshore wind turbines

By Louis Sahagún, Los Angeles Times  •    •  Posted 2022-03-21 14:34:05

Along the wind-blasted shores of the Gaviota Coast, near the rocket gantries of Vandenberg Space Force Base, lazy breakers claw at the base of sandy bluffs and dunes, while farther out to sea, great white sharks cruise beneath churning whitecaps. It’s a stunning and uniquely Californian vista, a place where pristine headlands overlook the submerged remains of sacred Chumash villages and launchpads fire the nation’s newest and most secret technology into orbit. But in recent months, this stretch of the Santa Barbara County coastline has become a bitter collision point for several national and global imperatives — the reduction of planet-warming greenhouse gasses, the conservation of natural habitats and the atonement for injustices committed against Indigenous populations. [ read more … ]

Solar Energy

What happens to used solar panels? DOE wants to know

By David Iaconangelo, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-03-21 14:34:24

The Department of Energy released an action plan last week intended to help the United States launch a comprehensive system for handling and recycling solar panels, which some studies have suggested could make up a tenth of all electronic waste in coming decades. The Solar Energy Technologies Office announced a new target to bring the cost of recycling solar panels to about $3 per panel by 2030, a threshold that would make the practice economic for the first time. [ read more … ]

Air Pollution

$87.50 for 3 Minutes: Inside the Hot Market for Videos of Idling Trucks

By Michael Wilson, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2022-03-21 14:32:50

A white-paneled truck sat motionless and idling in Midtown on a recent morning, its driver wrapped up in his phone and oblivious to what was happening outside. There in the street, Paul Slapikas was stalking his prey. Wire-thin and 81 years old, Mr. Slapikas stood in front of the truck like a lost tourist, a camera dangling around his neck and a map sticking out of his jacket pocket. He appeared to be deep in conversation on an old flip-phone — big hand gestures, a peek at a watch, a crane of the neck like he’s looking for a friend. [ read more … ]


Congress earmarks climate grants for rich, white areas

  •    •  Posted 2022-03-21 08:12:09

Members of Congress used earmarks to steer millions of dollars to affluent, largely white communities through a federal climate-mitigation program that is supposed to prioritize helping disadvantaged communities. The earmarks, included in the $1.5 trillion fiscal 2022 spending plan signed by President Biden last week, direct spending in a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant program that FEMA recently redesigned to stress environmental justice. [ read more … ]


Auto dealers eye a weird electric future

By David Ferris, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-03-21 14:33:15

Jason Hooe is a Ford dealer who can’t wait to sell the electric F-150 to the young and hip of Bentonville, Ark. But the chargers are a problem. Earlier this month, he paced the floor of America’s biggest auto dealer conference, talking to vendors who sell the new fueling system. He peppered them with questions, and no one persuaded him that today’s technology is ready to meet his customers’ needs later this decade. “It’s the eight-track, and CDs are coming after it,” is how he described what he saw. “Do I buy these chargers, when I know at some point I’m going to have to phase them out?” [ read more … ]

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