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March 2, 2022

Top Story

State of the Union: All the energy takeaways

By E&E News staff  •    •  Posted 2022-03-02 15:15:02

Speaking to a divided Congress, Biden found moments of bipartisanship as he expressed support for Ukrainians under attack by Russia. Other moments saw Democrats and Republicans retreat to their familiar corners. Energy didn’t dominate Biden’s first State of the Union speech, but it surfaced at key times — whether to promote EVs and renewables or to address gasoline expenses faced by consumers. [ read more … ]

Solar Energy

After 139 Years of Coal Mining, Peabody Expands Into Solar

By Will Wade, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2022-03-02 15:13:03

The move is symbolic for a company that’s been digging up the dirtiest fossil fuel since its founding in 1883. But it’s unlikely to mark a significant strategic shift. Peabody characterized the decision as a way to generate new revenue sources, but didn’t disclose how much it was investing in the effort. The company’s primary focus will continue to be coal. “It would take a long time to turn that ship,” said Andrew Cosgrove, a mining analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence. “This doesn’t move the needle, financially.” [ read more … ]

Car Rule

EPA you can’t take the wheel

BY ZACK COLMAN, Politico  •    •  Posted 2022-03-02 15:14:16

Two coalitions of biofuels groups and a refinery industry association sued the EPA over its tailpipe emissions standards, emulating arguments power plants wielded in a case currently before the Supreme Court. The petitioners claimed EPA’s rule to strengthen tailpipe standards amounts to forcing a shift in the vehicles market from liquid fuels to electric, which they claimed exceeded the agency’s authority to simply regulate greenhouse gases. If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s basically the argument power plants used to push back against EPA’s electricity sector regulations — and that the conservative Supreme Court seemed keen to entertain. [ read more … ]

Biden Administration

Biden admin appeals SCC injunction

BY ZACK COLMAN, Politico  •    •  Posted 2022-03-02 15:14:45

The 5th Circuit isn’t known to be particularly friendly to Biden’s agenda, but there are a few factors that might benefit the White House here. To start, the social cost of carbon has been used for over a decade, and presidents have issued orders defining how rules are analyzed since Richard Nixon. In addition, legal observers have pointed to some unusual aspects of the Louisiana judge’s order, including a novel use of the “major questions” doctrine and citation of a (non-existent) “separation of powers clause.” [ read more … ]

OTU: What Biden said — and didn’t say — on climate

By Adam Aton, Scott Waldman, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-03-02 15:15:21

President Biden used his first State of the Union address to reset his administration after a year of inflation and crises at home and abroad that has left him with nearly record-low approval ratings. But Biden did little to restart his stalled climate agenda. He spoke only briefly about climate change — talking about it roughly as much as diabetes — leaving some Democrats puzzled over Biden’s path forward on what he calls an “existential threat.”
[ read more … ]


Will the Russian invasion accelerate peak oil?

By Benjamin Storrow, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2022-03-02 15:15:45

It was 1973 when a war between Israel and a coalition of Arab states led Saudi Arabia and other oil producers to impose an embargo on crude shipments to the United States. Oil prices soared, and the way the world consumed energy changed. France built a fleet of nuclear power plants. Japan did, too; it also started to import liquefied natural gas. In the United States, oil use for electricity generation plummeted and was replaced by coal and nuclear power. A half-century later, another conflict is roiling global energy markets. The question now is how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will change the world’s energy system. [ read more … ]


Ford Creates Electric-Vehicle, Gas-Engine Divisions in Company Reshape

By Mike Colias, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted 2022-03-02 15:13:31

Ford F -4.90% Motor Co. is planning a major reorganization of its operations to create two separate divisions—one for its conventional gas-engine business and another to focus on developing electric vehicles and software, the auto maker said. Ford plans to keep both operations in-house but give them separate names and their own leadership structures and profit-and-loss statements, it said Wednesday. The move is scheduled to be outlined later Wednesday during a press conference. [ read more … ]

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