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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

November 30, 2021

Top Story

Renewables may be a victim in Texas grid revamp

By Edward Klump, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2021-11-30 15:34:05

A high-stakes effort to reform the Texas electric grid after deadly blackouts in February may have an unexpected byproduct: a change in direction for renewables. The Public Utility Commission of Texas has zeroed in on intermittent generation as a critical issue as it tries to boost grid reliability. Texas has the most installed wind energy capacity in the United States and a rising solar profile, so any new policies could have a significant impact on emissions and the electricity mix. [ read more … ]

Climate Litigation

Judges to hit key climate question: State or federal court?

By Lesley Clark, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2021-11-30 15:33:11

After a Supreme Court ruling earlier this year, federal courts are poised to answer a key procedural question in a set of state and local lawsuits asking oil and gas firms to pay up for the ravages of climate change. Although no court is likely to decide the merits of the more than two dozen climate liability lawsuits across the country, next year could determine where the cases are ultimately tried — in state court, where local governments would like to make their arguments, or before federal judges, as oil companies would prefer. [ read more … ]


Lobbying blitz scores big wins for hydrogen

By Timothy Cama, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2021-11-30 15:33:42

The hydrogen fuel industry has scored some key policy victories in recent months as it works to make itself part of the clean energy conversation being prioritized by President Biden and congressional Democrats. For years, hydrogen had been seen mainly as a niche fuel with limited possibilities for use in transportation. But that image is changing. [ read more … ]


Oil firms face workforce crunch as renewables beckon -survey

By Ron Bousso, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2021-11-30 15:32:37

The oil and gas industry risks a huge workforce shortage as more than half of workers in the sector seek to move into the renewable energy industry, a survey published on Tuesday showed.
The survey conducted as part of a report by recruitment firm Brunel and showed that 43% of workers want to leave the energy industry altogether within the next five years. [ read more … ]


Hunt for the ‘Blood Diamond of Batteries’ Impedes Green Energy Push

By Dionne Searcey and Eric LiptonPhotographs and Video by Ashley Gilbertson, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2021-11-30 15:32:12

Batteries containing cobalt reduce overheating in electric cars and extend their range, but the metal has become known as “the blood diamond of batteries” because of its high price and the perilous conditions in Congo, the largest producer of cobalt in the world. As a result, carmakers concerned about consumer blowback are rapidly moving to find alternatives to the element in electric vehicles, and they are increasingly looking to other nations with smaller reserves as possible suppliers. [ read more … ]

Off Topic

Trump EPA chief named to Va. gubernatorial transition

By Timothy Cama, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2021-11-30 15:31:54

Trump administration EPA head Andrew Wheeler is helping Virginia’s Republican governor-elect in his transition effort. Wheeler is among the more than 100 “key members” Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin named last week to his transition “landing teams.” The groups are tasked with going to state government agencies to coordinate with current Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D) administration and get ready to start implementing Youngkin’s agenda quickly when he takes office Jan. 15. [ read more … ]

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