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November 14, 2021

Top Story

Negotiators Strike a Climate Deal, but World Remains Far From Limiting Warming

By Brad Plumer and Lisa Friedman, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2021-11-14 16:06:09

In the final hours of talks Saturday night, negotiators clashed over wording that would have called on countries to “phase out” coal power and government subsidies for oil and gas. Fossil fuels have never been explicitly mentioned in a global climate agreement before, even though they are the dominant cause of global warming. In the end, at the urging of India, which argued that fossil fuels were still needed for its development, “phase out” was changed to “phase down.” [ read more … ]

Wind & Solar Energy

GE’s three-way split to shake up renewables, hydrogen

By Peter Behr, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2021-11-14 16:09:37

General Electric Co., the company Thomas Edison launched on coal power, plans to invest big in wind power and reconfigure its gas turbine business to generate clean energy under a plan to break apart the iconic industrial conglomerate. Under a plan rolled out yesterday as U.S. stock exchanges opened for trading, executives said GE would split into three companies built around its major business units: energy, health care and aviation. GE’s sales of energy technology will split from the Boston-based parent company in 2024, after GE first spins off its health care unit. [ read more … ]

Renewable energy in the U.S. nearly quadrupled in the past decade, report finds

By Tik Root, Washington Post  •    •  Posted 2021-11-14 16:09:10

The proportion of electricity the United States gets from solar and wind nearly quadrupled between 2011 and 2020. While geothermal generation remained relatively flat, the three technologies combined for an annual increase of nearly 15 percent over that stretch. Those findings come from a report released Tuesday by the nonprofit Environment America Research and Policy Center and the nonpartisan research organization Frontier Group. The analysis also found that if the current growth rate continues, wind, solar and geothermal would meet current electricity demand levels by 2035 — which is when President Biden aims to have an entirely fossil-fuel-free grid. [ read more … ]

Air Pollution

Doctors should now be treating patients for air pollution, says leading medical journal article

By Brooke Migdon, The Hill  •    •  Posted 2021-11-14 16:05:54

Two U.S. medical experts are urging other physicians to begin screening patients for exposure to air pollution to improve cardiovascular health, the healthcare sector’s latest move to limit afflictions made worse by climate change. With multiple studies confirming air pollution’s link to heart-related illness, doctors should recommend interventions to limit exposure, according to a new article in the New England Journal of Medicine by physicians Philip J. Landrigan of Boston College and Sanjay Rajagopalan of the Harrington Heart and Vascular Institute. [ read more … ]

Baby Born 19 Weeks Early Defies Long Odds and Astonishes Doctors

By Maria Cramer, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2021-11-14 16:05:36

Climate change could be exacerbating the problem, according to a 2020 study that examined more than 32 million births in the United States and found that pregnant women exposed to high temperatures or air pollution were more likely to have children who were premature, underweight or stillborn. It is too early to conclude how large a role climate change is playing in low birth weights and preterm births, said Dr. Bekkar, one of the authors of the 2020 study. But the evidence that it is a significant factor is compelling, he said, noting that the number of preterm births fell at least 20 percent in California in areas where fossil fuel plants shut down. [ read more … ]


$1B transmission smack down may upend Northeast renewables

By David Iaconangelo, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2021-11-14 16:06:53

The challenge to a $1 billion New England transmission line is raising concerns about how the region’s largest state will now reach its clean energy targets, underscoring the obstacles facing large infrastructure critical for renewables and President Biden’s decarbonization efforts. The New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC), as the line is known, would be the region’s largest single source of low-carbon electricity if it is constructed. Developers want to bring Quebecois hydropower across the border, through Maine and into Massachusetts — the main buyer of the electricity. [ read more … ]

FERC kicks off 3-year task force examining transmission issues, state-federal divide

By Robert Walton, Utility Dive  •    •  Posted 2021-11-14 16:06:33

“I’ve said this a million times, but there’s no need to look at this as solely a FERC issue or solely a state issue. We need to work together on this issue,” Glick said. “I think it’s very important for the public interest … that we put aside some of our jurisdictional differences at times, and see if we can work together.” State regulators responded with a mix of optimism and caution.
[ read more … ]

FERC, 10 states weigh transmission overhaul to unlock clean power

By Miranda Willson, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2021-11-14 16:07:35

States want a more prominent role in planning for new electric transmission lines, a process that for years has hobbled the nation’s capacity to move vast amounts of renewable power across the country. In the inaugural meeting of a joint state and federal task force organized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, regulators from 10 states laid out the toughest issues tied to the development of high-voltage, long-distance power lines. [ read more … ]

Fight over FERC grid order could scramble electricity mix

By Miranda Willson, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2021-11-14 16:08:31

Power producers challenging a PJM Interconnection regional market rule are setting up a legal fight that could affect the electricity mix across chunks of the Midwest and eastern U.S. A U.S. appeals court has been asked to review a rule governing the capacity market run by the regional grid operator. The rule, sanctioned by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, affects how sources of carbon-free electricity can participate in PJM’s annual auctions for future electricity supplies. [ read more … ]


Global carmakers now target $515 billion for EVs, batteries

By Paul Lienert and Tina Bellon, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2021-11-14 16:07:19

Global automakers are planning to spend more than half a trillion dollars on electric vehicles and batteries through 2030, according to a Reuters analysis, amping up investments aimed at weaning car buyers away from fossil fuels and meeting increasingly tough decarbonization targets. Less than three years ago, a similar analysis by Reuters found car companies planned to spend $300 billion on EVs and related technologies. But looming zero-carbon mandates in cities such as London and Paris and countries from Norway to China have lent additional urgency to the industry’s EV-related investment commitments. [ read more … ]

6 Automakers and 30 Countries Say They’ll Phase Out Gasoline Car Sales

By Brad Plumer and Hiroko Tabuchi, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2021-11-14 16:07:56

At least six major automakers — including Ford, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors and Volvo — and 30 national governments pledged on Wednesday to work toward phasing out sales of new gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles by 2040 worldwide, and by 2035 in “leading markets.” But some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers, including Toyota, Volkswagen, and the Nissan-Renault alliance did not join the pledge, which is not legally binding. And the governments of the United States, China and Japan, three of the largest car markets, also abstained. [ read more … ]

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