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July 28, 2021

Top Story

Key Senate Democrats and Republicans appear set to clinch a $1 trillion infrastructure deal

By Tony Romm, Washington Post  •    •  Posted 2021-07-28 16:23:52

Senate Democrats and Republicans on Wednesday appeared to clinch a deal that would invest roughly $1 trillion into the nation’s infrastructure, capping off weeks of intense, nearly ill-fated negotiations over one of President Biden’s top economic priorities. The new agreement — announced separately by two of its lead negotiators, Sens. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) — puts to paper the policy specifics behind an outline that a bipartisan bloc released earlier this June to improve the country’s roads, railways, pipes, ports and Internet connections. [ read more … ]

Wind Energy

EXCLUSIVE U.S. studies plan to pay fishing industry for offshore wind impacts

By Nichola Groom, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2021-07-28 16:22:58

The Biden administration is considering ways to ensure the U.S. commercial fishing industry is paid for any losses it incurs from the planned expansion of offshore wind power in the Atlantic Ocean, according to state and federal officials involved in the matter. Discussions between state and federal officials, which participants described as being at a very early stage, are aimed at addressing the top threat to President Joe Biden’s efforts to grow offshore wind – a centerpiece of his clean energy agenda to fight climate change.
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Weatherwatch: research finds optimal size for windfarms

By Kate Ravilious, The Guardian  •    •  Posted 2021-07-28 16:21:23

It’s always good to see wind turbines going at full tilt on a breezy day. But are more wind turbines always a good thing? Windfarms come in all shapes and sizes, from one lonely turbine producing energy for a farm, to Gansu windfarm in China, whose 7,000 wind turbines make it the largest windfarm in the world. However, extracting energy from the wind is not straightforward, and new research reveals that there is an optimal size for windfarms.
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Oregon governor signs ambitious clean energy bill

By SARA CLINE, Associated Press  •    •  Posted 2021-07-28 16:22:42

Oregon’s clean energy bill, which sets one of the most ambitious timelines in the country for moving to 100% clean electricity sources, was signed by Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday. The legislation lays out a timetable for the state’s two major power companies — Portland General Electric and Pacific Power — to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity sold to Oregon consumers. Additionally, it bans the expansion or new construction of power plants that burn fossil fuels and allocates $50 million in grants for community-based energy projects, among other measures. [ read more … ]

Car Rule

EXCLUSIVE: Biden mileage rule to exceed Obama climate goal

By TOM KRISHER and HOPE YEN, Associated Press  •    •  Posted 2021-07-28 16:22:06

n a major step against climate change, President Joe Biden is proposing a return to aggressive Obama-era vehicle mileage standards over five years, according to industry and government officials briefed on the plan. He’s then aiming for even tougher anti-pollution rules after that to forcefully reduce greenhouse gas emissions and nudge 40% of U.S. drivers into electric vehicles by decade’s end. The proposed rules from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation reflect Biden’s pledge to attack climate change but also balance concerns of the auto industry, which is urging a slower transition to zero-emission electric vehicles. [ read more … ]

Biden plan would tighten mileage for new cars over the next four years

By Dino Grandoni and Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post  •    •  Posted 2021-07-28 16:24:13

The Biden administration has drafted sweeping emissions rules for new cars in line with more strident measures set by California, marking a key step in the president’s effort to cut greenhouse gas pollution that’s driving dangerous warming around the world. But the proposed rule by the Environmental Protection Agency and Transportation Department may fall short of producing the pollution cuts in the near term that would have been seen under the original standards set by President Barack Obama shortly before he left office. [ read more … ]

Biden car rules won’t account for Trump-era CO2

By Arianna Skibell, E&E News  •    •  Posted 2021-07-28 16:24:32

The Biden administration is preparing car rules that could eventually surpass Obama-era emissions reductions, but it could take years to achieve those carbon decreases and the rule won’t address tailpipe pollution released under former President Trump, according to sources and news reports. Critics say that could result in less overall carbon reductions than would have been achieved under the Obama standards during the same time period, raising concerns that the rule could fail to act quickly enough to decarbonize the nation’s largest source of greenhouse gases. [ read more … ]

Biden will ramp up tailpipe standards

By MATTHEW CHOI, Politico  •    •  Posted 2021-07-28 16:22:22

The Biden rule has the makings of a classic Washington compromise: Everyone is dissatisfied. Automakers have been pushing Biden to pick something in between the California program and the original Obama standards, so industry likely will call this too stringent (especially considering that it sets up EPA to mandate more aggressive percentages later this decade). Meanwhile, environmentalists are already blasting the proposal, with Dan Becker of the Center for Biological Diversity calling it “a loophole-riddled Swiss cheese auto pollution standard masquerading as a seven-course champagne dinner.” The rules are still under review at the White House. [ read more … ]


Summer’s gasoline recovery could fizzle on rising infection cases

By Stephanie Kelly in New York, Bozorgmehr Sharafedin in London and Jessica Jaganathan in Singapore, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2021-07-28 16:23:20

The summer rebound in global fuel demand could be turning into a slowdown, as analysts expect gasoline consumption to taper off due to resurgent coronavirus cases and structural changes in commuting patterns. Gasoline demand in the United States, the world’s top oil consumer, has nearly recovered to 2019 levels following the plunge in travel and business activity during the worst of the pandemic in 2020. [ read more … ]

U.S. oil refiners set for first profit since onset of pandemic

By Arathy S Nair, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2021-07-28 16:23:36

U.S. oil refiners are set to post their first quarterly profit since the COVID-19 pandemic, even though higher oil prices and weaker margins in June have tamed analysts’ optimism fostered by the rebound in fuel demand. U.S. gasoline and diesel fuel demand has nearly recovered to 2019 levels following the plunge in travel and business activity during the worst of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Refiners ramped up processing on the back of the resurgence in activity, but are also grappling with higher crude oil prices , which have surged 48% this year. [ read more … ]


Opinion: Iron-air batteries: Huge green-energy breakthrough, or just a lot of hype?

By David Von Drehle, Washington Post  •    •  Posted 2021-07-28 16:21:44

Another possible milestone of technology passed quietly not long ago. It might be the beginning of the end for fossil fuels and the key to reaching the goal of a green power grid. If so, it will certainly be among the most important stories of the year — bigger than space tourism, bigger than the Arizona election audit, bigger than the discovery that the amazing Simone Biles is human, not a god. One caveat: Very few engineering breakthroughs change the world. Most end up being less than meets the eye. That said, let’s have a look.
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