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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

June 24, 2020

Top Story

Amazon to Launch $2 Billion Venture Capital Fund to Invest in Clean Energy

By Dana Mattioli, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted 2020-06-23 15:22:38

Amazon. AMZN 2.17% com Inc. is launching a $2 billion internal venture-capital fund focused on technology investments to reduce the impact of climate change, the latest sustainability initiative from the technology giant after criticism of its environmental record. The new fund, which will be called The Climate Pledge Fund, will invest in companies across a number of industries, including transportation, energy generation, battery storage, manufacturing and food and agriculture, according to the company. The aim is to help Amazon and other companies reach a goal of “net zero” carbon emissions by 2040. Amazon and a number of other companies are seeking to reduce the climate impact of their operations, both through reduced use of fossil fuels and investments in projects such as reforestation. [ read more … ]

House Stimulus Bill

House Democrats push aid for wind and solar in new infrastructure bill

By Dino Grandoni with Paulina Firozi, Washington Post  •    •  Posted 2020-06-23 15:21:28

House Democrats are trying to throw a lifeline to wind and solar developers struck hard by the coronavirus pandemic. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other Democratic leaders included extensions of tax breaks long sought by the renewable energy sector as part of a $1.5 trillion infrastructure package. [ read more … ]

On the list

BY KELSEY TAMBORRINO, Politico  •    •  Posted 2020-06-23 15:21:43

House Democratic leaders on Monday unveiled the text of a broad $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill that includes billions for clean energy and clean water. “Those who don’t believe in climate change, tough luck,” Transportation Chair Peter DeFazio said when announcing the bill last week. “We’re going to deal with it.” [ read more … ]

Car Rule

Nevada governor proposes car emission standards, in line with California, as part of effort to combat climate change

By Riley Snyder, The Nevada Independent  •    •  Posted 2020-06-23 15:22:05

Gov. Steve Sisolak and state environmental officials are proposing a set of regulations that would adopt California’s standards for low or zero-emission vehicles by 2024 as part of an effort to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. Sisolak made the announcement on Monday that the state’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources would seek to adopt clean car standards used by California and 14 other states requiring dealerships to sell a certain percentage of low or zero-emission vehicles beginning in 2024. [ read more … ]


Electric Car Charging Stations Are Finally About to Take Off

By Laura Millan Lombrana, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2020-06-23 15:21:07

The electric vehicle sector has been stuck for years with a chicken-and-egg problem. Until there were extensive networks of public charging stations, a critical mass of people would never feel comfortable driving EVs—but until a critical mass of people were driving EVs, there was no sense in investing in extensive networks of public charging stations. [ read more … ]


More coal has retired under Trump than in Obama’s 2nd term

By Benjamin Storrow, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2020-06-23 15:22:21

President Trump says he ended the “war on coal.” But industry casualties have accelerated under his turbulent leadership, with coal plant retirements eclipsing those that occurred during the last four years of Barack Obama’s presidency. Electricity output from coal slumped to a 42-year low in 2019 and plummeted even deeper as the coronavirus pandemic swept across the country. Renewable sources like wind and solar now generate more power than Trump’s favored fossil fuel. And utilities are planning to green their power plants instead of returning to the black rock. [ read more … ]

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