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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

June 23, 2020

Top Story

States Race to Lead America’s Offshore Wind Industry

By Josh Petri, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2020-06-22 15:28:57

Plummeting carbon emissions and big government spending—two of the defining narratives of 2020 so far—could create an unprecedented opportunityfor the world to meet the goals enshrined in the 2015 Paris climate change agreement, according to the International Energy Agency. With $1 trillion of investment over each of the next three years, global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions could end up falling in 2023 by 4.5 billion metric tons, or 14% of last year’s total. Such an investment has the potential to lift the world out of its Covid-19 economic slump with climate-safe growth. It’s a strategy that also could create 9 million jobs across a variety of energy-intensive sectors and push global GDP 3.5% higher than it would otherwise have been, according to a joint IEA-International Monetary Fund analysis. [ read more … ]

Wind Energy

A clean-energy project on Lake Erie faces stiff head winds because of warblers and waterfowl

By Zachary Lewis, Washington Post  •    •  Posted 2020-06-22 15:29:27

The nation’s first wind energy project on fresh water has big ambitions. It also has big bird problems. Known as Icebreaker Wind, it aspires to position as many as several hundred turbines on Lake Erie, where strong winds, shallow depths and the proximity of power stations would seem to be a winning trifecta. According to the project’s developer, the potential could meet 10 percent of the nation’s electricity needs by 2030. But a pilot with six turbines is facing strenuous opposition from wildlife activists and others because of the risk they say it would pose to the millions of warblers and waterfowl that migrate over this Great Lake every spring and fall. [ read more … ]

House Stimulus Bill

House Democrats include wind and solar tax credit extensions in sweeping infrastructure bill

By Abby Smith, Washington Examiner  •    •  Posted 2020-06-22 15:28:34

House Democrats are proposing to extend wind and solar tax credits by five years as part of their $1.5 trillion infrastructure package, teeing up a fight with Senate Republicans. The infrastructure bill, the Moving Forward Act, incorporates a discussion draft released late last year by Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee that would extend a variety of clean energy tax credits. House Democrats released the text of the package on Monday. [ read more … ]

House returns amid push on infrastructure, stimulus

Ny George Cahlink, Maxine Joselow and Manuel Quiñones, E&E News reporters  •    •  Posted 2020-06-22 15:30:58

The House returns to full legislative session this week as it looks to build support for broad infrastructure and pandemic stimulus legislation. Lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol will also be debating policing legislation and looking to make headway on fiscal 2021 spending. The infrastructure package, up for debate next week, includes recommendations from a forthcoming House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis report. [ read more … ]

Car Rule

Car emissions in the spotlight

BY KELSEY TAMBORRINO, Politico  •    •  Posted 2020-06-22 15:30:35

The Justice Department had concerns that BMW, Ford, Honda and Volkswagen illegally agreed among themselves to adopt California’s stronger emissions standards, the agency said last week in its first substantive explanation of the since-closed investigation. In a letter to Whitehouse, Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Stephen E. Boyd said the probe was “entirely reasonable” since an agreement between the carmakers would violate antitrust law. [ read more … ]


Environmentalists Relieved as Critics Slam ‘Muddled’ SCOTUS Term

By Bloomberg Law  •    •  Posted 2020-06-22 15:31:49

The U.S. Supreme Court’s latest term, wrapping up this month, went surprisingly well for environmental lawyers who feared cases on the docket could prove disastrous to their cause.
Many advocates prepared for a barrage of bad news from the conservative-leaning bench as the court weighed major Clean Water Act, Superfund, and pipeline questions, plus non-environment cases that could cause collateral damage. Instead, they got a slate of decisions they could live with—even some worth celebrating. [ read more … ]


Pope says coronavirus should spark new environmental awareness

By Philip Pullella, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2020-06-22 15:29:47

At his Sunday address in St. Peter’s Square, Francis said the pandemic made many people reflect on their relationship with the environment. The square reopened to the public a month ago and Italy’s last travel restrictions were lifted on June 3. “The lockdown has reduced pollution and revealed once more the beauty of so many places free from traffic and noise. Now, with the resumption of activities, we should all be more responsible for looking after our common home,” he said, using his term for the Earth. [ read more … ]

Area Pollution Bill

New Jersey Governor backs bill to regulate polluting firms in Black cities

By MIKE CATALINI, Associated Press  •    •  Posted 2020-06-22 15:30:18

Citing nationwide Juneteenth celebrations, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said Friday it’s time pass legislation giving state regulators the authority to deny development permits to businesses whose operations pollute primarily Black communities. Murphy, a Democrat, announced his support for the legislation in Trenton, alongside Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver, lawmakers and other community activists. Murphy, who is white, announced his support for the legislation pending in the Democrat-led Legislature as communities across the country celebrate the June 19 holiday that long commemorated the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. [ read more … ]


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