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July 31, 2019

Top Story

Progressives, moderates clash on climate plans

By Timothy Cama, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2019-07-31 06:46:25

Progressive and moderate Democratic candidates for president battled yesterday over the ambition and aggressiveness of plans to take on climate change, providing contrasts between their camps. In showdowns set up by the CNN moderators during the first part of the second set of debates in the 2020 primary, candidates including Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders argued that their ambitious platforms are more in line with the urgency of climate change than the policies that candidates such as former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and former Maryland Rep. John Delaney framed as more politically viable. [ read more … ]

Democratic debate highlights: Moderates assail ‘impossible’ liberal agenda – Reuters

By Jarrett Renshaw, Doina Chiacu, David Shepardson, John Whitesides, and Amanda Becker, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2019-07-31 04:24:42

The Democratic Party’s two leading progressives came under fire on Tuesday from a debate stage stuffed with moderates who said their “impossible” proposals and “wish-list economics” risked keeping Republican President Donald Trump in the White House for four more years. U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders stood side by side on the first night of the second Democratic presidential debate as they fended off criticism from more moderate rivals competing for the party’s nomination to take on Trump in the 2020 election. [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

Natural Gas Is Stuck in a Vicious Cycle

By Lauren Silva Laughlin, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted 2019-07-31 04:25:08

The problem for producers is supply, not demand, and it is only going to worsen in the short run. Producers in West Texas, drilling primarily for oil, are getting natural gas as a byproduct in their drilling process. The resource is plentiful and cheaper than free—bringing it to market costs more than the market price. This spring, the price of natural gas at a trading hub near Midland, Texas, dropped to as low as negative $9 per million British thermal units. [ read more … ]

Renewable energy groups boost spending

By Timothy Cama, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2019-07-31 04:25:22

The renewable energy industry ramped up lobbying activities in the second quarter of the year as it fought in Congress for tax credits that benefit its businesses. The American Wind Energy Association said in disclosures due last week that it spent $300,000 advocating for policies in the federal government between April and June, more than double the $140,000 it spent in the same quarter in 2018. The solar industry’s main lobbying organization, the Solar Energy Industries Association, boosted its lobbying spending in the same period by more than half, to $320,000. [ read more … ]

Will offshore wind farms come near New Jersey’s Bayshore region?

By Chris Rotolo, Two Rivers Times  •    •  Posted 2019-07-31 04:25:39

In a media release, the Murphy administration said the Ørsted project, titled Ocean Wind, is expected to power an estimated 500,000 New Jersey homes and generate $1.17 billion in economic benefits, in addition to creating an estimated 15,000 jobs over the life of the project. Murphy called the board of public utilities announcement “historic” and said it will “revolutionize the offshore wind industry in New Jersey and along the entire East Coast.” [ read more … ]

Lithium mining outpaces ‘slowing’ EV boom

By Laura Millan Lombrana, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2019-07-31 04:25:54

Lithium miners are bulking up for a booming future when electric cars go mainstream. But speed bumps loom, with prices tumbling on a burst of new production and demand growth slowing in China. Between mid-2015 and mid-2018, prices for lithium, the soft, silvery-white metal crucial for rechargeable batteries, almost tripled as the world’s fleet of electric vehicles hit the 5 million mark, and the auto industry began to fret over the supply of raw materials [ read more … ]

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