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July 18, 2019

Top Story

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, Who Led Liberal Wing, Dies at 99

By Linda Greenhouse, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2019-07-18 04:30:23

Justice Stevens was known around the court for treating others with sensitivity and respect. One former law clerk, Christopher L. Eisgruber, described in a 1993 essay an incident at a party for new clerks: Before Justice Stevens arrived, an older male justice had instructed one of the few female clerks present to serve coffee. When Justice Stevens entered, he quickly grasped the situation, walked up to the young woman and said: “Thank you for taking your turn with the coffee. I think it’s my turn now.” He took over the job.
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Justice Stevens leaves powerful environmental legacy

By Ellen M. Gilmer, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2019-07-18 04:30:40

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who died yesterday, leaves behind a robust environmental legacy that affects federal climate action and agency litigation to this day.
The late jurist, who was on the bench from 1975 to 2010, authored two of the most important opinions in environmental law: Massachusetts v. EPA and Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council. The first affirmed EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. The second established the oft-cited legal precedent directing judges to defer to an agency’s understanding of an ambiguous law. [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

U.S. Solar Sector Launches Lobbying Push to Preserve Key Subsidy

By Nichola Groom, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2019-07-18 04:31:03

The U.S. solar industry on Wednesday kicked off a lobbying push aimed at convincing Congress to extend a generous tax credit for solar energy systems that is set to begin phasing out next year. In a letter sent to congressional lawmakers and signed by more than 900 solar companies, the Solar Energy Industries Association argued that the 30% tax credit for solar energy systems should be preserved because it has helped generate $140 billion in investment. The subsidy has also created more than 200,000 jobs even though solar energy accounts for only a little more than 2% of U.S. electricity generation, the letter said. [ read more … ]

Trump admin weighs new wind tariffs. Will projects stall?

Avery Ellfeldt, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2019-07-18 04:31:23

A group of U.S. wind tower manufacturers are pushing for tariffs on imported wind components, a move that some researchers say could raise costs for new projects by as much as 10% at a time the industry is already under pressure. The Wind Tower Trade Coalition asked the Commerce Department and U.S. International Trade Commission to impose tariffs against wind tower imports from Canada, Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam in a petition this month. The manufacturers argued that components from the four countries are sold below the prices set in the 1930 Tariff Act. [ read more … ]

Cuomo close to awarding big wind-power contract

By DANIEL GEIGER, Crane’s New York Business  •    •  Posted 2019-07-18 04:31:43

Four bidders responded to the solicitation, ventures that included three large European wind companies – Orsted, Vineyard Wind and Equinor – as well as a joint venture between U.S. oil giant Shell and a renewable energy company. The proposals utilize different offshore sites that have previously been leased by the respondents from the federal government and envision projects that range from 400 megawatts to over 1,000 megawatts. Several people familiar with the bid say that Cuomo is expected to announce the winner or a collection of winners at an event to be held on Thursday at Fordham Law School in Manhattan. A spokesman for Cuomo would not confirm the event. [ read more … ]

Judge bars board members from voting on Neb. wind farm

By Associated Press  •    •  Posted 2019-07-18 04:32:00

A judge has temporarily barred two county commissioners in Nebraska from voting on a permit for a 19-turbine wind farm west of Kilgore. A landowner and the group Preserve the Sandhills have filed a lawsuit, contending that Cherry County Commissioners Tanya Storer and Martin DeNaeyer have conflicts of interest because they have family members who would financially benefit from the wind farm. [ read more … ]

South Dakota PUC grants construction permit to wind energy facility

By Chris Galford, Daily Energy Insider  •    •  Posted 2019-07-18 04:32:17

The facility — set to generate up to 250.54 megawatts — had been approved earlier in May. Some outstanding issues required a further evidentiary hearing, which was resolved in June, leading to this month’s final decision. In all, the facility will be bound by 41 conditions during both construction and operation, including land restoration efforts, certain sound levels, and potential impacts to the whooping cranes and ice throw in the area. [ read more … ]

Fossil fuels are far less efficient than previously thought

By Luke McGrath, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2019-07-18 04:32:31

Fossil fuels, long regarded for their high-energy return on investment, are not as efficient as once thought. In fact, their final yields are not much better than those of renewable options, according to a new study. Oil, coal and natural gas have generally returned energy at a ratio of 25:1, meaning that for every barrel of oil used in production, 25 barrels have been made. But that measurement, called energy return on investment (EROI), has traditionally been taken when fossil fuels are removed from the ground, and fails to account for energy used during the refining process. [ read more … ]

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