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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

April 4, 2019

Top Story

We Checked President Trump’s Dubious Claims on the Perils of Wind Power

By Brad Plumer, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2019-04-04 04:37:00

It’s no secret that President Trump really, really dislikes wind power. He’s been vocal on the subject for years, ever since a battle with Scottish officials over a plan to build what he called a “really ugly wind farm” within sight of his golf resort in Aberdeen. More recently, in rallies and speeches, Mr. Trump has stepped up his attacks on wind turbines, suggesting that their noise can cause cancer (there’s absolutely no evidence of this) and predicting power failures when the wind stops blowing (also not true).
Here’s a closer look at a few of his recent comments. [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

From molecules to electrons; can Big Oil become Big Power?

By Ron Bousso and Susanna Twidale, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2019-04-04 04:37:20

European oil companies have started to address what they worry may one day be an existential threat to their business — the end of a century of oil demand growth in a low carbon world. The emergence of the electric vehicle and demand among investors and consumers for cleaner energy to limit climate change has pushed the European side of Big Oil to take baby steps toward refocusing their businesses from oil production and refining to electricity via natural gas and renewables.
[ read more … ]

A Key to the Arctic’s Oil Riches Lies Hidden in Ohio

By Steve Eder and Henry Fountain, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2019-04-04 04:37:49

For more than three decades, the findings from the $40 million exploratory well have been one of the oil industry’s most closely guarded secrets. Outside of the oil giants that paid for it, only a handful of people know what was discovered there. Now the secret has become much more than a curiosity: The Trump administration, undoing decades of environmental protections, plans to sell drilling leases in the area, which is part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and has long been believed to contain North America’s biggest untapped onshore trove of oil. [ read more … ]

Democrats look to shield tax credit from Trump

Maxine Joselow, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2019-04-04 04:38:14

Democrats this week unveiled a flurry of legislation to extend the electric vehicle tax credit, which President Trump has targeted for elimination. Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) yesterday introduced the “Electric Cars Act of 2019,” which would fully extend the electric vehicle tax credit for 10 years and help deploy EV charging infrastructure. [ read more … ]

Lawmakers In Some States Are Stepping In, Trying To Slow The Shift Away From Coal

By Cooper McKim, NPR  •    •  Posted 2019-04-04 04:38:43

Despite the Trump administration’s efforts to promote coal, utilities have shifted away from it at near record rates over the past year. The trend may only grow as more states push for clean energy. Now lawmakers in some coal states are stepping in. They’re trying to slow down the shift. Cooper McKim of Wyoming Public Radio reports. [ read more … ]

Utilities rely to stop Trump privatization proposal. A third time.

By John Sicilianco and Jos Siegel, Washington Examiner  •    •  Posted 2019-04-04 04:39:32

President Trump’s fiscal year 2020 budget proposal marks the third time the administration has included an unpopular scheme to sell-off the transmission assets of government-owned utilities, and the third time that utility groups, and their supporters in Congress, will wage war against it. “The Hill consistently turns this idea away for a reason: It’s bad policy,” Desmarie Waterhouse, vice president of government relations for the American Public Power Association, tells John. 
[ read more … ]

Lawmakers spotlight Inslee’s record from Japan to Mont.

Adam Aton, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2019-04-04 04:40:59

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee made a campaign stop yesterday at the Rayburn House Office Building. Lawmakers invited the Democratic presidential candidate to tell the Energy and Commerce Committee how the feds can help states enact climate policy. Inslee flipped the script: The Trump era has seen states preserve climate programs, and post-Trump it will be the states that breathe life back into federal climate policy, he said. [ read more … ]


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