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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

December 4, 2018

Top Story

White House Seeks to End Subsidies for Electric Cars, Renewables

By Jeff Mason and David Shepardson, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2018-12-04 04:37:13

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Monday the Trump administration wants to end subsidies for electric cars and other items, including renewable energy sources. Asked about plans after General Motors Co announced U.S. plant closings and layoffs last week, Kudlow pointed to the $2,500-to-$7,500 tax credit for consumers who buy plug-in electric vehicles, including those made by GM, under federal law. [ read more … ]

George H.W. Bush

‘It’s pretty hard to say no to a president’

Robin Bravender, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-12-04 04:37:52

Bill Reilly didn’t want to lead George H.W. Bush’s EPA. Two former Republican EPA bosses — Bill Ruckelshaus and Russell Train — had been floating Reilly’s name for the job when then-Vice President Bush was campaigning to succeed President Reagan. Train called Reilly, an environmentalist who headed the World Wildlife Fund, to ask him what he’d do if offered the job. [ read more … ]

Bush had lasting impact on climate, air policy

Scott Waldman, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-12-04 04:38:08

Through legislation he signed in 1990, Bush started the National Climate Assessment, a sweeping study documenting climate change’s impacts on the United States. The Trump administration released the latest iteration on Black Friday and has since downplayed its definitive body of research, making false claims about its accuracy and inadvertently drawing more attention to the clear science that shows Americans will be increasingly at risk as a result of climate change. [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

Special Report: U.S. ‘clean coal’ program fails to deliver on smog cuts

By Tim McLaughlin, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2018-12-04 04:38:27

Champions of coal say the superabundant fossil fuel can be made environmentally friendlier by refining it with chemicals – a “clean coal” technology backed by a billion dollars in U.S. government tax subsidies annually. But refined coal has a dirty secret. It regularly fails to deliver on its environmental promises, as electric giant Duke Energy Corp found. [ read more … ]

New Jersey Talks Offshore Wind: A ‘Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity’

By Betsy Lillian, North American Wind Power  •    •  Posted 2018-12-04 04:38:50

On Thursday, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) convened business stakeholders to advance the state’s offshore wind strategy with an in-state supply chain. As a major component of Gov. Phil Murphy’s clean energy initiative, offshore wind will help New Jersey reach 100% clean energy by 2050, explains the NJBPU. [ read more … ]

Op-Ed: It’s time to move on sustainable infrastructure

BY REPS. GERRY CONNOLLY (D-VA.), DORIS MATSUI (D-CALIF.) AND PAUL TONKO (D-N.Y.), The Hill  •    •  Posted 2018-12-04 04:39:53

A major infrastructure overhaul is long overdue. Revitalizing and updating our infrastructure is absolutely necessary for America to compete and maintain its leadership in the global economy. It’s essential to creating jobs, including immediate construction jobs across the country and spurring long-term job growth across a variety of sectors. And a smart infrastructure plan is also a crucial opportunity to take bold and immediate action on climate change. [ read more … ]

Sanders plots Green New Deal-style bill

Nick Sobczyk, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-12-04 04:39:06

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is plotting an aggressive course on climate change in the new Congress. An aide said his staff is working on a broad piece of climate legislation for introduction early in the next Congress, in what would largely be a messaging effort to lay groundwork for 2020, when Democrats could control the Senate and the White House. [ read more … ]

BLM rejects massive Nev. wind project

Scott Streater, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-12-04 04:39:21

The Bureau of Land Management has rejected a large-scale wind power project that proposed to string together hundreds of wind turbines, more than 400 feet tall, in an area of western Nevada directly adjacent to the Mojave National Preserve and the Castle Mountains National Monument. [ read more … ]

At LA Auto Show, EVs swim against a tide of bigness

David Ferris, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-12-04 04:39:35

At the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, automakers served notice that they’re going electric, and introduced a few new models to some applause. But the lustiest cheers were for something else: the new Jeep Gladiator, the welded union of a Jeep and a pickup truck, which bounced its 17-foot-long, gas-guzzling self onto the stage over a pile of boulders. So stands the auto industry’s cognitive dissonance in the year 2018. To please regulators and put the brakes on climate change, automakers are planning electric cars for tomorrow. But to please drivers, they’re building huge, mostly gas-powered bruisers for today. [ read more … ]


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