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October 24, 2018

Top Stories

Trudeau Imposes Carbon Tax, With Rebates, on Four Provinces

By Josh Wingrove, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2018-10-24 04:49:29

Justin Trudeau is imposing a carbon tax on provinces that have balked at implementing their own, doubling down on what will be a core fight in Canada’s next election. Trudeau announced a plan Tuesday to tax industrial emitters and fuels in holdout provinces. The fuel surcharge alone will raise about C$2.3 billion ($1.8 billion) in revenue next year, rising to C$5.6 billion by 2022-2023. The baseline price on carbon will be C$20 per metric tonne initially, rising to C$50 by 2022. [ read more … ]

Young People Are Suing the Trump Administration Over Climate Change. She’s Their Lawyer.

By John Schwartz, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2018-10-24 04:50:18

If all goes as planned, Ms. Olson will deliver her opening argument on Monday in a landmark federal lawsuit against the Trump administration on behalf of 21 plaintiffs, ages 11 to 22, who are demanding that the government fight climate change. It is a case that could test whether the judicial branch has major role to play in dealing with global warming, and whether there is a constitutional right to a stable and safe climate. [ read more … ]

Republicans learn to love wind and solar jobs after once mocking them

By Josh Siegel, Washington Examiner  •    •  Posted 2018-10-24 04:49:58

“Republicans are seeing a huge number of big paying jobs being created in their districts and in their states,” said Dan Reicher, the Assistant Secretary of Energy in the Clinton Administration who was formerly Google’s director of climate and energy. “It’s the economic reality. It was inevitable they would come to this conclusion.” The economic numbers are stark for clean energy, a category that supporters define as including jobs in solar, wind, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles. There are now nearly 3.2 million clean energy jobs in America, and the industry employs more workers than the fossil fuel industry in 42 states and Washington D.C., according to the nonpartisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs. [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

No more ‘false promises’ to coal regions — Exelon CEO

Peter Behr, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-10-24 06:24:28

Chris Crane, president and CEO of Exelon Corp., yesterday called on energy companies to support grassroots demands on Washington for climate action through policies aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Speaking to a Brookings Institution forum, Crane — who leads the largest U.S. nuclear energy producer — repeated his company’s case for federally mandated payments to money-losing reactors in the U.S. because of their zero-carbon electric power output. [ read more … ]

EPA has ‘extremely ambitious’ timeline for climate rules

Niina Heikkinen, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-10-24 06:25:55

EPA is aiming to complete at least two major overhauls of Obama-era climate rules in less than a year. It’s a goal analysts call ambitious and will help the agency meet the president’s rule-busting agenda. EPA says it intends to finalize both its replacement for the Clean Power Plan and changes to standards related to methane emissions from the oil and gas industry in roughly six months. [ read more … ]

Aker Solutions eyes winning lease for offshore wind power in California | Reuters

By Nerijus Adomaitis, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2018-10-24 06:23:01

Norway’s oil services firm Aker Solutions expects to win a lease off California to build a floating wind farm as part of a wider consortium, its chief executive said on Wednesday. In September, Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) and a consortium of private companies that includes Aker Solutions applied for a lease to build a 100-150 megawatt floating offshore wind farm off the coast of Humboldt County by 2024 [ read more … ]

Vineyard Wind Signs Milestone Lease Deal With Massachusetts

By North American Wind Power  •    •  Posted 2018-10-24 06:24:06

Massachusetts’ Baker-Polito administration and Vineyard Wind have announced a lease agreement to use the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal as the primary staging and deployment location for Vineyard Wind’s offshore development. In May, an 800 MW offshore wind farm proposed by Vineyard Wind, a joint venture of Avangrid Renewables and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, was selected as the winning bid under Massachusetts’ 83C offshore wind solicitation. [ read more … ]

A new wind turbine inspired by a palm tree, big as the Empire State Building

By Jed Kim, Marketplace  •    •  Posted 2018-10-24 06:25:01

The Energy Information Administration says the United States got about 11 percent of its energy from renewable sources last year. Climate scientists say that’s going to have to go up a lot to ward off the worst effects of climate change. The Department of Energy says the U.S. is one of the fastest-growing markets for wind power in the world. That’s mostly on land. Eric Loth, at the University of Virginia, is an engineer who’s part of a team building the next generation of offshore wind turbines. Those turbines towering over fields or deserts usually produce 5 megawatts of power each. [ read more … ]

OPPD proposes goals of 50% renewables, 20% cut in ‘carbon intensity’

By Aaron Sanderford, Omaha World Herald  •    •  Posted 2018-10-24 06:25:17

The Omaha Public Power District board is stepping in to stop the fight over OPPD’s next major environmental policy — and trying to send both sides home as winners. The utility’s updated proposal weaves together the competing approaches of customers who want OPPD to set specific goals for how much renewable energy it uses and those who would rather the district reduce its carbon footprint, however possible. [ read more … ]

U.S. ‘love affair’ with Saudi Arabia delays climate action

Jean Chemnick, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-10-24 06:25:37

Saudi Arabia spent the last three decades throwing sand in the global gears of containing climate change. This year is no different — except that it now has the help of the United States. At conferences from Songdo, South Korea, to London, kingdom officials raised the Saudi flag to object to science, finance and mitigation efforts in a bid to keep their oil wells profitable, according to observers. [ read more … ]


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