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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

June 8, 2018

Top Stories

White House challenges FERC on grid security

Peter Behr, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-06-08 04:26:50

The Department of Energy’s national security policy proposal to guarantee business for money-losing coal and nuclear power plants directly challenges the authority of the independent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, responsible for safeguarding the nation’s power supply, energy lawyers agree. It would also end-run regional transmission operators (RTOs) that operate the grids serving two-thirds of the U.S. population under FERC oversight. [ read more … ]

U.S. subsidies may not save some coal, nuclear plants slated for closure

By Scott DiSavino, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2018-06-08 04:28:22

Several major U.S. operators of nuclear reactors and coal plants said they had not changed plans to close plants in coming years, even after the White House said it would take emergency steps to subsidize struggling operators. U.S. President Donald Trump last week directed Energy Secretary Rick Perry to take steps to keep coal and nuclear power plants running, citing a decades-old national security law as justification. [ read more … ]

Xcel details plans to shut 660 MW coal, build 1.8 GW renewables in Colorado

By Robert Walton, Utility Dive  •    •  Posted 2018-06-08 04:27:37

Xcel Energy Colorado on Wednesday filed its Clean Energy Plan with state regulators, proposing to retire a pair of coal units capable of generating 660 MW, and add 1.8 GW of renewables, along with developing some natural gas and energy storage resources. The plan calls for $2.5 billion of investment across eight counties, the utility said, and is expected to save customers $215 million. [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

2 Western Senators Want to Repeal Trump’s Solar Tariffs

By Susan Montoya Bryan, Associated Press  •    •  Posted 2018-06-08 04:28:40

Two U.S. senators from western states joined the legislative fight Thursday to repeal President Donald Trump’s tariffs on imported solar panels, saying the higher taxes on foreign producers are jeopardizing jobs in the U.S. Republican Dean Heller of Nevada and Democrat Martin Heinrich of New Mexico introduced a measure that calls for duties and tariffs for solar cells to revert to previous rates and to allow for companies affected by the tariffs hike to seek reimbursements. [ read more … ]

Trump’s Love for Coal and Republicans Who Want More Solar

By Brian Eckhouse and Bill Allison, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2018-06-08 04:29:00

While President Donald Trump searches for a way to save America’s coal country, some in his own party have their eyes set on what’s arguably the exact opposite: making solar shine. Since taking office, Trump has worked to undo his predecessor’s renewable energy-friendly policies, levied tariffs on imported solar equipment and signed tax reforms that depleted financing for clean energy projects. He’s meanwhile pushed for America to use more of the coal-fired power that solar and wind have helped edge out: Just last week, his administration was said to be considering a plan that would force grid operators to buy electricity from cash-strapped coal plants. [ read more … ]

Goldman Sachs: Solar industry heading for a downturn after major Chinese policy shift

By Tom DiChristopher, CNBC  •    •  Posted 2018-06-08 04:29:18

Solar power equipment makers are about to hit a rough patch, and it’s time to sell many stocks in the space, according to Goldman Sachs. Demand for solar power equipment is drying up in key markets just as supplies are booming, the investment bank warns. The industry has long been governed by boom-and-bust cycles, and Goldman thinks a looming glut of solar modules is pushing the sector into a downturn. [ read more … ]

Trump says 2017 was the worst. So do climate scientists

Zack Colman, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-06-08 04:29:41

President Trump echoed top climate scientists yesterday by pointing out that extreme weather events were responsible for more damage than ever before.
NOAA said 2017 was the most expensive year on record, causing $306 billion in damage. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and Western wildfires inflicted massive loss of life and caused untold air and water pollution from which communities — especially in Puerto Rico — are still recovering. [ read more … ]

‘It’s a mess’: Employees fret over spending spree

Christa Marshall, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-06-08 04:30:06

The Department of Energy has been on a spending spree, making employees worry their agency is “cutting corners” by moving so much cash so quickly. Since mid-April, DOE has announced more than $300 million for everything from research on advanced vehicles to concentrating solar power. [ read more … ]

Op-Ed: Saving the environment and saving money

By Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, VTDigger  •    •  Posted 2018-06-08 04:30:19

As a nation, Vermonters are ahead of the curve when it comes to energy efficiency and renewable energy. While many Vermonters have already taken steps to protect the environment and save money on their fuel bills, many others are considering installing solar panels, heat pumps, clean wood heat, geothermal energy, or making their homes and businesses more energy efficient. [ read more … ]

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