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January 11, 2018

Trump touts oil and gas development, presses for hydro

Hannah Northey, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-01-11 06:33:17

“I am for massive oil and gas and everything else, and a lot of energy,” Trump said at a news conference alongside Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin “can’t love that.” Trump said, “Hillary [Clinton], my opponent, was for windmills, and she was for other types of energy that don’t have the same capacities at this moment, certainly.” [ read more … ]

Trump to receive solar tariff plan this week — sources

Zack Colman, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-01-11 06:34:18

Tariffs are a likely outcome, the sources said. Such a move would throw the burgeoning U.S. solar industry, which largely opposes trade remedies, into a frenzy. President Trump is expected to be presented with a formal recommendation to slap trade penalties on imported solar panels by Friday, according to multiple industry sources. [ read more … ]

Murray Energy wish list becomes public

Dylan Brown, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-01-11 06:37:40

In March, Murray Energy Corp. CEO Robert Murray sent Vice President Mike Pence a 16-point action plan to help President Trump make good on his promise to put coal miners back to work. Less than a year later, the Trump administration has taken action or raised questions about many points on the list. [ read more … ]

Florida Is Exempted From Coastal Drilling. Other States Ask, ‘Why Not Us?’

By CORAL DAVENPORT, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2018-01-11 06:32:26

It was a sudden and unexpected change to a plan that President Trump had celebrated just five days before, and it took lawmakers and governors from both parties by surprise. It also gave Governor Scott, a Republican who is widely expected to run for the Senate this year, a clear political boost in that race. Florida lawmakers of both parties have long opposed offshore drilling, especially after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill sent tarballs to the shores of a state where the economy relies heavily on tourism. Mr. Zinke’s sudden flip-flop on Florida drilling allows Governor Scott to tout the decision as evidence of his influence with the White House. [ read more … ]

Inslee unveils carbon tax, hoping it passes in 59 days

Benjamin Storrow, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2018-01-11 06:34:43

Washington would be America’s first state to adopt a carbon tax if Inslee’s proposal is approved. The governor, an outspoken climate hawk, enters his sixth year in office with new momentum to curb emissions. Democrats took control of the state Senate last year and now control both chambers in Olympia. Several of the state’s leading businesses have said they are supportive of efforts to price carbon. [ read more … ]

N.J. Assembly Green-Lights Wind Energy Incentive Bill

By Betsy Lillian, North American Wind Power  •    •  Posted 2018-01-11 06:35:04

“To effectively reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, we need to develop strategic policy supports for renewable energy resources, including wind power,” adds Zwicker, D-Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset. “This bill’s business incentives and classification of wind energy zones are two important steps for New Jersey towards a comprehensive and competitive renewable energy plan.” [ read more … ]

New Minnesota Senator Tina Smith Gets Seat on Energy Panel

By Dean Scott and Stephen Joyce, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2018-01-11 06:35:38

“Minnesota is a national leader when it comes to renewable energy, and during my time as lieutenant governor, that’s something I was proud to champion when I traveled across the state,” the senator said in Jan. 9 statement to Bloomberg Environment. She vowed “to keep fighting for the type of energy policies that create jobs, improve our energy independence, and address the growing threat of climate change.” [ read more … ]

Maine regulators delay power contract essential to UMaine floating wind farm

BY TUX TURKEL, Portland Press Herald  •    •  Posted 2018-01-11 06:37:15

Long-running efforts to secure a power contract for the first floating wind farm in the United States suffered a setback Tuesday when the Public Utilities Commission decided to delay its approval. Without a long-term power contract, the experimental project off Maine’s coast near Monhegan Island is in danger of losing future federal funding, making it extremely difficult to finance the project. [ read more … ]

Hogan administration criticizes EPA plans to repeal Clean Power Plan

By By Rachel Siegel, Washington Post  •    •  Posted 2018-01-11 06:35:55

Maryland’s environmental secretary is condemning the Trump administration’s moves to repeal a regulation aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants, known as the Clean Power Plan. In a letter sent Monday to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, Environment Secretary Ben Grumbles said states need federal support to tackle regional and global climate challenges. [ read more … ]

New York City sues Shell, ExxonMobil, and other oil majors over climate change

By Chris Mooney and Dino Grandoni, Washington Post  •    •  Posted 2018-01-11 06:36:28

The New York City government is suing the world’s five largest publicly traded oil companies, seeking to hold them responsible for present and future damages to the city from climate change. The suit, filed Tuesday against BP, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell, claims the companies together produced 11 percent of all of global warming gases through the oil and gas products they have sold over the years. It also charges that the companies and the industry of which they are part have known for some time about the consequences but sought to obscure them. [ read more … ]

Buffett Succession Gains Clarity as Berkshire Promotes Abel, Jain

By Jonathan Stempel, Reuters  •    •  Posted 2018-01-11 06:36:46

Berkshire Hathaway Inc on Wednesday promoted two of its top executives, Gregory Abel and Ajit Jain, adding them to its board and cementing their status as the front runners to succeed Warren Buffett atop the conglomerate. Abel, 55, the chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, was named Berkshire’s vice chairman for non-insurance business operations, while Jain, 66, Berkshire’s top insurance executive, was named vice chairman for insurance operations. [ read more … ]

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