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November 21, 2017

Trump: ‘We can no longer tolerate’ trade abuses

Christa Marshall, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2017-11-21 06:54:07

Comments from President Trump and one of his top energy advisers are giving new hope to solar manufacturers that the administration may slap steep tariffs on solar components. Last week, Trump gave a speech at the White House about his 12-day trip to Asia where he said the U.S. would take “every trade action necessary” to achieve the same “fair and reciprocal treatment” the U.S. has offered the rest of the world for decades. [ read more … ]

Frustrated foreign leaders bypass Washington in search of blue-state allies

By Michael Birnbaum and Greg Jaffe, Washington Post  •    •  Posted 2017-11-21 06:57:15

Nearly a year into the Trump presidency, countries around the world are scrambling to adapt as the White House has struggled to fill key government positions, scaled back the State Department and upended old alliances. Now some nations are finding that even if they are frustrated by President Trump’s Washington, they can still prosper from robust relations with the California Republic and a constellation of like-minded U.S. cities, some of which are bigger than European countries. [ read more … ]

What EPA chief Scott Pruitt promised — and what he’s done

By ALEX GUILLÉN and EMILY HOLDEN, Politico  •    •  Posted 2017-11-21 06:56:06

The Environmental Protection Agency administrator came into office promising to discard his predecessor’s “overreaching” focus on climate change and concentrate on what he called the agency’s real mission: cleaning up the air, water and land. But instead, Pruitt has rolled back or stalled environmental protections, given the fossil fuel and chemistry industries more sway over public health decisions and taken steps that critics fear will undermine work on pollution cleanups, according to a POLITICO analysis of what he’s accomplished to date. He says he will be tough on environmental crimes, but his agency is also easing up on enforcement and collecting far less in penalties than previous administrations,according to agency watchdogs. [ read more … ]

Grain Belt Express developer seeks expedited decision by Missouri Supreme Court

By Karen Uhlenhuth, Midwestern Energy News  •    •  Posted 2017-11-21 06:56:23

The developer of a long-distance, high-voltage transmission line has asked the Missouri Supreme Court to rule on the project in the hope of achieving a faster resolution to the long-stymied project. Known as the Grain Belt Express, the 780-mile overhead line is designed to transport additional wind energy from western Kansas, across Missouri and Illinois to roughly the western border of Indiana. It would be capable of ferrying about 4,000 megawatts of power. The project is one of five developed by Clean Line Energy Partners to move wind power to more populated areas. [ read more … ]

Norway Idea to Exit Oil Stocks Is ‘Shot Heard Around the World’

By Joe Ryan, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2017-11-21 06:57:41

Norway’s proposal to sell off $35 billion in oil and natural gas stocks brings sudden and unparalleled heft to a once-grassroots movement to enlist investors in the fight against climate change. The Nordic nation’s $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund said Thursday that it’s considering unloading its shares of Exxon Mobil Corp., Royal Dutch Shell Plc and other oil giants to diversify its holdings and guard against drops in crude prices. European oil stocks fell. [ read more … ]

Group that includes LES sets wind power milestone

By Matt Olberding, Lincoln Journal Star  •    •  Posted 2017-11-21 06:56:58

The Southwest Power Pool said it hit a point Sunday morning when it was generating more than 50 percent of its energy from wind power, the first time an electric grid operator in North America has hit that mark.  Southwest, which is based in Little Rock, Arkansas, said wind was providing 52.1 percent of its power generation load at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday. It had previously set the North American record of 49.2 percent in April 2016. [ read more … ]

UMass to study how fishing and wind industries can ‘coexist’

By The Associated Press  •    •  Posted 2017-11-21 06:57:58

The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth is hoping to launch a new research project on how the offshore wind and commercial fishing industries can coexist. The university said last week that creation of the “Blue Economy Initiative” is made possible by a $1 million commitment from Deepwater Wind, a Rhode Island-based company hoping to become a major player in the state’s nascent offshore wind industry.
[ read more … ]

Iowa Governor Governor To Tour First Of RVEC’s Solar Arrays Today

  •    •  Posted 2017-11-21 06:58:12

Two planned solar arrays by Raccoon Valley Electric Cooperative (RVEC), headquartered in Glidden, were announced in March of 2016. The first of the 150 kilowatt arrays was put into use this year and is estimated to be able to generate about 210,000 kilowatt-hours per year. Gov. Reynolds will get a brief tour of the array on Tuesday afternoon, then will speak to attendees at the RVEC Coon Rapids Community Solar site about the state’s leadership in renewable energy. [ read more … ]

The Energy Revolution Is Here: Solar Energy and Storage Now Cheaper Than Coal

By Travis Hoium, The Motley Fool  •    •  Posted 2017-11-21 06:54:32

There’s no question wind and solar energy are now competitive with fossil fuels around the world on a per-kilowatt-hour basis, but they still face the challenge that they’re intermittent sources of energy. The sun won’t provide energy to make electricity at night and wind turbines only generate electricity about half the time, at best. For now, natural gas or another fossil fuel is needed to fill in any gaps in electricity supply. [ read more … ]

Climate nemesis, carbon, could become valuable resource

By Frank Jordans, Associated Press  •    •  Posted 2017-11-21 06:58:34

The boat is the first in the world to be fitted with an electric engine powered by a fuel cell containing methanol — a form of alcohol that inevitably prompts “booze cruise” jokes among passengers. What makes the boat really stand out, though, is the fact that the methanol is produced using a chemical process which draws carbon out of the air. The technology, though still relatively new, is being touted by some as a weapon in the fight against man-made climate change, caused to a large degree by carbon emissions from fossil fuel use. [ read more … ]

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