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September 5, 2017

Group of Republicans looks to build climate voting block

Arianna Skibell, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2017-09-05 06:35:51

A handful of Republicans are working to form a voting bloc with Democrats to defeat anti-climate action amendments as the House takes up spending legislation this week. Buoyed by the defeat of such an amendment in the House National Defense Authorization Act debate last July, GOP members of the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus expect to mount a similar effort in the coming days. The spending package includes funding for U.S. EPA, the Department of the Interior, the State Department and NOAA [ read more … ]

Op-Ed: What Climate Scientists Want You to See in the Floodwaters

By KATHARINE MACH and MIYUKI HINO, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2017-09-05 06:36:08

As scientists who study climate risks and how societies can respond, we have been jolted to think hard about our best understanding of why disasters like these occur, how a changing climate cranks up the odds and what we might do differently. The answer, for scientists and everyone else who has been watching, is not to say definitively and dismissively, “This is the result of climate change” or “There’s nothing we can do.” It’s a chance to understand what is actually happening to the climate and all the ways human behavior leads to — and can mitigate — future disaster. [ read more … ]

Trump killed Obama carbon reviews, but courts still want them

Amanda Reilly, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2017-09-05 06:37:28

When he assumed office, President Trump swiftly moved to rescind the social cost of carbon metric for calculating the effects of greenhouse gas emissions of federal actions. He also tossed out guidance on incorporating climate change into National Environmental Policy Act reviews. But in two cases since, federal judges found agencies failed to adequately consider the climate impacts of fossil fuel projects in NEPA reviews. And in one of the cases — which involved a coal mine in Montana — a judge faulted an agency for not using the social cost of carbon. [ read more … ]

Senators to question remaining FERC picks

Sam Mintz, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2017-09-05 06:36:25

The panel will hold a confirmation hearing on nominees Kevin McIntyre, a Jones Day energy lawyer who has been tapped to lead the commission, and Richard Glick, a Democratic Senate aide. FERC regained its quorum in the first week of August when the Senate confirmed Neil Chatterjee and Robert Powelson after more than six months of delay. They joined Cheryl LaFleur, who has been at FERC since 2010. [ read more … ]

Vestas Joins With Tesla to Combine Wind Turbines With Batteries

By Anna Hirtenstein, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2017-09-05 06:36:47

Tesla Inc. has partnered with Vestas Wind Systems A/S to figure out how to combine wind turbines and batteries, socking away power during breezy times to use when the air is still. This partnership is part of a wider global program run by Vestas, the world’s biggest wind-turbine maker. It’s seeking to add energy storage to its wind farms and is working with a number of other battery makers on about 10 projects in total. [ read more … ]

Poll: Even Ohio’s coal country supports more use of clean energy

By Kathiann M. Kowalsk, Midwestern Energy News  •    •  Posted 2017-09-05 06:37:05

New poll results show that a majority of Ohio voters continue to support state policies to encourage more use of clean energy, including a renewable portfolio standard and revised wind turbine setbacks — even in the state’s coal country region. Eighty-seven percent of voters statewide said they would tell elected officials to support policies that encourage energy efficiency and more renewable energy use, The Nature Conservancy of Ohio reported in a poll this week. The results come amid continued efforts by some Republican lawmakers to scale back clean energy policy. [ read more … ]

Former Nebraska State Senator: Electric car does the driving, and talking, 
for climate change message around state

By Paul Hammel, Omaha World Herald  •    •  Posted 2017-09-05 06:37:56

Gotta admit, a certain thrill comes over you when you realize you’re in a car that is driving itself. It happened the other day while riding with former State Sen. Ken Haar down busy Interstate 80. After setting the cruise control at 65 mph, he pulled his hands off the steering wheel. [ read more … ]

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