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August 30, 2017

Harvey’s Toll on Energy Industry Shows a Texas Vulnerability

By CLIFFORD KRAUSS and HIROKO TABUCHI, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2017-08-30 06:30:29

For years, much of the nation’s refinery capacity and chemical production have been concentrated along the swamps and narrow inlets of the Gulf of Mexico, risking devastation in a monster storm. The pounding being endured by coastal Texas will probably be the biggest test of that risk so far, and energy experts say it raises questions about the area’s role as a hub for such crucial and environmentally sensitive industries. [ read more … ]

Tillerson moves to scrap top envoy position

Hannah Northey, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2017-08-30 06:30:52

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is planning to eliminate the top climate envoy position at the State Department as part of a wider overhaul that could further aggravate the Trump administration’s contentious relationship with the scientific community. [ read more … ]

BLM again grapples with massive project’s path in Idaho

Scott Streater, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted 2017-08-30 06:31:10

The Bureau of Land Management’s yearslong odyssey to approve the final two sections of a massive Wyoming-to-Idaho power line project is taking another complicated twist. BLM published in yesterday’s Federal Register a formal notice of intent to prepare an environmental assessment (EA) that will evaluate the impacts of altering the final two sections in Idaho of the nearly 1,000-mile-long Gateway West Transmission Line Project to run inside a federal raptor sanctuary. [ read more … ]

Wind Energy Is One of the Cheapest Sources of Electricity, and It’s Getting Cheaper

By Robert Fares, Scientific American  •    •  Posted 2017-08-30 06:31:28

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released the latest iteration of its annual Wind Technologies Market Report, which pulls together a wealth of data to track trends in the cost, performance, and growth of wind energy. The report found that U.S. wind energy will continue to be one of the lowest cost electricity generation technologies available, with the long-term wind electricity price available through a power purchase agreement coming in at about half the expected cost of just running a natural gas power plant.
[ read more … ]

Michigan Utility Agrees To Retire Coal Plants, Add Wind And Solar

By North American Wind Power  •    •  Posted 2017-08-30 06:31:48

Under a settlement agreement announced today by the Sierra Club, the Lansing Board of Water and Light (LBWL) in Michigan will stop burning fossil fuels at its coal-fired Erickson Generating Station by December 2025 and commit to specific clean energy investments.
[ read more … ]

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