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January 26, 2017

Nation’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Will Be Built Off Long Island

By DIANE CARDWELL, New York Times  •    •  Posted 2017-01-26 06:41:43

Seeking to meet growing electric demand in the Hamptons with renewable energy, the Long Island Power Authority approved the nation’s largest offshore wind farm on Wednesday, set for the waters between the eastern tip of Long Island and Martha’s Vineyard. The farm, with as many as 15 turbines capable of powering 50,000 average homes over all, is the first of several planned by the developer, Deepwater Wind. It will be in a 256-square-mile parcel, with room for as many as 200 turbines, that the company is leasing from the federal government [ read more … ]

New York Utility OKs Wind Energy Project Off Long Island

By The Associated Press  •    •  Posted 2017-01-26 06:42:08

Environmentalists, union officials and others popped champagne Wednesday after a New York utility approved plans for a modest wind energy farm off the east coast of Long Island. The project won’t generate much power — just 90 megawatts from 15 turbines when it opens in 2022 — but supporters hope it will help prove the feasibility of larger offshore wind farms. [ read more … ]

U.K. Offshore Wind Seen as Cheapest Future Large-Scale Energy

By Anna Hirtenstein, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2017-01-26 06:42:46

U.K. offshore wind power is on target to become the cheapest source of large-scale clean energy, surpassing the government-mandated price target four years early. The levelized cost of energy for offshore wind — a benchmark measuring affordability over the lifetime of generation assets — dropped below 100 pounds ($125) a megawatt-hour in 2016, according to a report published Tuesday by the the U.K.’s Offshore Wind Programme Board, a group that includes industry and government representatives. The goal had been to pass the 100-pound threshold by 2020. [ read more … ]

Solar Employs More People In U.S. Electricity Generation Than Oil, Coal And Gas Combined

By Niall McCarthy, Forbes  •    •  Posted 2017-01-26 06:45:03

In the United States, more people were employed in solar power last year than in generating electricity through coal, gas and oil energy combined. According to a new report from the U.S. Department of Energy, solar power employed 43 percent of the Electric Power Generation sector’s workforce in 2016, while fossil fuels combined accounted for just 22 percent. It’s a welcome statistic for those seeking to refute Donald Trump’s assertion that green energy projects are bad news for the American economy. [ read more … ]

Trump’s Climate Stance Threatens to Worsen China Relations

By Joe Ryan, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted 2017-01-26 06:43:17

President Donald Trump’s vow to pull back from climate-change efforts endangers one of the few areas where China and the U.S. have seen eye-to-eye, exacerbating tensions as he takes on more contentious subjects. “There is a long history of countries that struggle to get along, using the subject of the environment to continue talking and build good will,” said David Victor, co-chair of the Brookings Institution’s foreign policy, energy security and climate initiative. “This is the equivalent of fathers and sons talking about spor [ read more … ]

Jerry Brown delivers anti-Trump manifesto

By David Siders and Carla Marinucci, Politico  •    •  Posted 2017-01-26 06:44:01

“Whatever they do in Washington, they can’t change the facts,” Brown said. “And these are the facts: The climate is changing, the temperatures are rising, and so are the oceans. Natural habitats everywhere are under stress.” [ read more … ]

Why Donald Trump won’t hold back solar and wind power

By Tom DiChristopher, CNBC  •    •  Posted 2017-01-26 06:43:42

President Donald Trump’s full-throated support for fossil fuel production and his climate change denial have raised concerns about the future of renewable energy projects in America, but some investors believe the president cannot hold back solar and wind energy deployment — or alternative energy stocks. Those investors say goals adopted by more than half of U.S. states are what’s driving growth in renewable energy projects, and Trump will have little effect on these efforts. They also note that more corporations are pledging to draw power from renewable sources, and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle last month renewed subsidies for solar and wind energy firms [ read more … ]

Wyoming proposal would require utilities to use fossil fuels

By MEAD GRUVER, Associated Press  •    •  Posted 2017-01-26 06:44:27

group of Wyoming lawmakers is bucking the U.S. trend of stricter renewable energy requirements with a plan to do the opposite: Fine utilities if they provide energy produced by wind or the sun. Blustery Wyoming ranks among the top states for wind-energy potential, but the coal, oil and natural gas industries are the backbone of the state’s economy. [ read more … ]

Washington agrees: let’s fix our infrastructure

By Betsy Beck, AWEA Blog  •    •  Posted 2017-01-26 06:45:31

Every so often, amidst partisan rancor, a glimmer of hope emerges where both sides want the same thing. In these rare instances, it’s an opportunity for all of those legislators who came to Washington to get things done to really get to work. This just happened with infrastructure, and electricity transmission in particular. [ read more … ]

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