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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

Release of Coalition’s PTC Letter Delayed

October 16, 2013

Release of Coalition’s PTC Letter Delayed


We’ve decided to postpone the release of the Coalition’s PTC letter until at least a few days if not a week after the debt limit and shut down issues are resolved in Congress. No one on the Hill or DC media can focus on anything else until that mess is cleaned up. We don’t want to see all the work on the letter and roll out ignored.

There is a minor a sliver lining to this delay, however. If your governor has not signed on to the letter yet, you have at least another week to have your governor do so.

The latest draft of the letter is attached. Eleven governors have signed the formatted draft.

If you’re one of those states whose governor has not yet signed on yet, please call (402-651-2948) or email me ( if I can help you in anyway.

Thanks for all your support.


Final Draft GWC PTC Letter (10-9-13)