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IMPORTANT PTC UPDATE: PTC Passes Senate, Contact House Members Now

January 1, 2013

State Representatives:

As Chris mentions in his note below, a one year 2.5 cent PTC was approved by the Senate last night. That legislation will be taken up by the House later this afternoon. It is critically important that you call House staffers, especially Republicans, to ask them to urge their members to support the Senate version of the PTC. You should also let your governor know the status of the vote and urge him or her to call your House members urging support for the Senate version of PTC.

Let me know if you need any additional information.



From: Chris Chwastyk, AWEA:

Very early this morning, the Senate passed the Fiscal Cliff package with a bipartisan vote of 89 for to 8 against.

The package includes an extension of the PTC and ITC with the start construction language as passed in August by the Senate Finance Committee. The text of the legislation is attached to this e-mail.

The bill has now moved to the House, with a vote possible on the package sometime today.

There have been statements from the House Republican leadership that amendments to the package are possible, and the House Republican Conference will meet at 1 PM to discuss the package. Due to the timing – the current session of Congress ends at noon on Thursday – and the bi-partisan Senate vote, amending the package is widely viewed as unwise and would likely doom the entire package, but there is still discussion within the Republican Conference about amending the package. Under discussion for amendments are the tax rates, how to pay for delaying the sequester and the business extenders (including the PTC).

The House Democratic Caucus is meeting with Vice President Biden to discuss the package, but Democratic support for the package is unified.

We need to continue to make the case for the extension of the PTC and urge everyone to make as many contacts as possible – with the focus on House Republicans.

Fiscal Cliff package – Senate passed